norwegian skier


This is Aksel Lund Svindal

and this is Kjetil Jansrud

They are Norwegian alpine-skiers

They are roomies

 and they are usually together 200 days a year

Both won olympicmedals in Vancouver 2010 

In the Sotchi Olympics 2014, Aksel was Norways flag bearer

and Kjetil won a gold and a bronze medal

  • They are sponsored by Telenor, and in 2014 they stared in their commercials as a family, together with Henrik Kristoffersen


 where it looks like they are husbands


In “Idrettsgallaen 2008 (the norwegian sportsaward)” Aksel won “this years male athlete” and “this years athlete”

and in 2015 Kjetil won in the exact same categories, but since he is competing in Switzerland right now he couldn’t come to Hamar (this is from the first speech):

He says in his speech that he miss Aksel (he got injured right before this season) and that he is looking forward to see him again.

and this is the second speech:

Waaait a moment…. that is not Kjetil. I do not exactly know why Kjetil did not receive his second award, but I liked Aksels speech for Kjetil: “I am not Kjetil Jansrud just so you know that (ahahah), He was actually going to text me his speech, but he has not done that soo… but I have been so lucky living with Kjetil and shared a bed with him for ten years so I know him quite well. So I know he would have thanked his team mates  (and some more thank yous).” Ahhhh I love them!!!

and that is my new ship everybody!!!!

I give them the ship-name “Jandal” (I don’t think they have one) and they are the first ship in my new series: “ELIA ships athletes”