norwegian legends

So, etymology for Vikare Retite…

Best I can gather for “Vikare” is King Víkar from Norwegian legend.
The most symbolism I can see here is that King Víkar found him and his fleet of ships stopped at sea and the only way to create wind was through a human sacrifice. King Víkar was the one sacrificed.

So, I can see how “raising wind” would fit with Vikare’s dreams of flying an airplane, though the whole sacrifice and death part has me on edge.

“Ratite”; A ratite is bird with a flat breastplate which prevents them from flying. Such birds include ostriches, emu, kiwis, etc.

Rather sad, honestly. Apparently bronze bloods just always have their dreams of flight crushed.


Northern Night

Trier Igor

Ancient Norwegians believed that the aurora is the bridge over which the gods descend to earth. Another Norwegian legend says that the aurora arises from the fact that the light of the stars reflects off the shields of the Valkyries. Some people can hear the radiance and its song at the level of the senses (not the hearing). Sounds of radiance appear from a collision with the Earth of the solar wind and are heard on the waves of infrasound. Therefore, especially sensitive people experience during the radiance of anxiety and unpleasant sensations ….