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“Dragen ruget i årtusener over den gyldne skatt. Kister fulle av gull og edelsteiner.

Få våget seg opp til dragehulen for å vinne den lysende skatt. Ingen kom tilbake. De bleke dødningehode lå i hulen og ble boliger for orm og mus.

Men tiden seiret. Den fryktelige drage sovnet. Nå er dragen et sagn.

En liten fugl sitter på rognebærkvisten i sollyset og kvitrer kvirrevitt, kvirrevitt.”

Theodor Severin Kittelsen, The Dragon, 1887-1892?.

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  1. Favorite book(s) of all time? We were liars, ACOTAR series, TOG series, ASOUE series, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan.
  2. Book you’re currently reading? Glass Sword, Never let me go, Pride and Prejudice, Hamlet
  3. Have you ever considered writing a book? Nope, I’m not a writery-person
  4. Favorite series? ACOTAR and TOG series
  5. Book you’d like to read? My massive tbh pile
  6. What’s in your tbr pile? a darker shade of magic, the one, six of crows, the grisha trilogy, ignite me, kings cage, the winners curse, legend, norwegian wood, the song of achilles, midnight star…that’s all I can remember rn.
  7. Favorite fictional character? Rhysand, Aelin, Adelina, FLEETFOOT
  8. Favorite ship of all time? FEYSAND
  9. Pick up the book closest to you, open it to page 1 and write the first paragraph: “Mae Mobley was born on a early Sunday morning in August 1960. A church baby we like to call it…..”- The Help
  10. What’s the first book fandom you were in? PJO

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Herb of the Week-Foxglove


Common Foxglove
Deadmen’s Bells
Fairy’s Glove
Folk’s Glove
Purple Foxglove
Witch’s Bells
The herbal plant known as the foxglove can reach six feet in height. The foxglove has a straight stem without branches and grows as a biennial plant. During the spring bloom, foxglove flowers hang in bunches on the stem - the flowers have a dull pink or purple coloration, and often come with white spots on the corolla. The large sized leaves of the foxglove possess distinct and prominent veins running along the lamina.

Among all the traditional medicinal plants of old, the foxglove is considered to be among the loveliest, the most significant, the best known and even the most lethal. The plant poison called digitalis is simply the powdered down dried leaves of the foxglove plant. Digitalis is a well known cardiac stimulating compound that has helped millions of heart patients stay alive due to its property of stimulating the cardiac muscles.

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The Oncoming Storm: Losing Norway, Culture, and EPCOT’s Vision

On October 5th 2014, EPCOT’s Maelstrom will close and Disney will begin to revamp the Norwegian pavilion to include the characters, music, and narrative from Frozen, last year’s hit animated film. 

I’ll put this simply, because it’s too soon to think of anything else to say: I’m angry. And I’m sad. 

World Showcase’s original intent was supposed to be so much more than another repository for Disney’s brands and intellectual property. World Showcase and all of EPCOT was created out of Disney’s once unerring ability to be a company that showcased things, and showcased things that mattered. World Showcase was a permanent (if slightly stale) World’s Fair that existed to be an exhibition of the diversity of man, uniting and captivating visitors with the beauty and drama of the human difference. World Showcase was bravely dedicated to cultures that have defined what our world civilization had done throughout time. Does this description sounds grandiose and overzealous? Good. It should. For a very long time, EPCOT Center inspired these thoughts and these feelings with the content that it had on display. Norway and Maelstrom fit this theme like a glove.

While madcap and quirky and often downright puzzling, Maelstrom at least showed off the sinew of Norwegian myths and legends and culture. Brave vikings, mystical trolls, the barren wilderness of the arctic… The idea of Norway was encapsulated in a short ride. It was a romp. It was a short experience in the “genre” of Norwegian culture. 

And now? It’ll be replaced by singing princesses that are “inspired” by the Scandinavian culture. This is a problem. Disney can not showcase culture vis-a-vis something made in their own image. Disney’s Frozen is more a reflection of Disney Animation than it is a reflection of culture. Aesthetic and narrative cues might come from Norway, but they were used to create a place called Arendale… a place that is fictional. A place based in pop culture fantasy. To show off Norway as it really is, Disney needed to extrapolate upon the underlying archetypes that existed within our collective unconscious about the place. Maelstrom already did that. Frozen will not. Frozen is a narrow narrative that uses Norwegian aesthetics and adapts one Norwegian story into a fairly enjoyable film.

Frankly, I like Frozen. I saw it in theaters, twice. But this enjoyment of it doesn’t broker any acceptable vision of EPCOT  that includes shoehorning a modern film into a space that was meant to speak to the greater aspects of culture and mythology that define an entire country. 

EPCOT, which has undergone a tumultuous trajectory over the past decade or so, is now faced with yet another thematic rift. Norway and Maelstrom now join The Seas with Nemo and Friends and Journey into your Imagination and Innoventions and other attractions that do not support a coherent and cogent vision of what EPCOT once was and should be. Some gems in the park will still exist, of course, but this is a large step in misaligning EPCOT’s focus and making the park less unique. Things like the alleyways of Morocco and Impressions of France and Living with the Land can only do so much on their own to support what EPCOT was and is supposed to be. 

EPCOT faces an oncoming storm in removing Maelstrom. I hope it can weather it. I am an optimistic person, but a loss as large as this hurts. And it even hurts to admit that. With the removal of Maelstrom and the inclusion of Norway, there is no stopping what Disney can decide to do with other original and cultural attractions. Disney is now crossing a line into synergizing what was meant to be above and beyond what could be found in a magic kingdom park, or any other Disney park.

It’s a wicked storm, indeed. It’s a maelstrom.