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Halla! I was wondering what are some Norwegian movies/ TV shows that you would recommend? Tusen takk darling ❤

I’m not a huge fan of Norwegian tv and movies, but I can recommend these:

Neste sommer
Mannen som elsker Yngve
Kule kidz gråter ikke
Kyss meg for faen i helvete
Natt til 17

Anyone else have any suggestions?
I don’t know how to watch them or if there’s English subs, if anyone is wondering!

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Thank you for the wonderful blog :3 It's really such a great source on Norwegian! And I would also like to ask you a question. I'm still a little bit confused when to use 'takk' and 'vær så snill'. So what would I use it in a phrase 'Write me, please?' Thank you in advance c:

Thank you, darling!! <3

So while “takk” translates into “thanks” and “vær så snill” translates into “please”, they’re not always used in the same manner as they are in English (though they are most of the time)

Some instances would be:

- you would say “ja takk” instead of “yes please”, though “nei takk” would still be equivalent to “no thanks”

- you could use both phrases when ordering food - though not in the exact same way (see this post for “vær så snill” and this post for “takk”

- like in English, you would use “vær så snill” when you’re asking for something, such as borrowing things etc. (or omit it completely from the sentence - you would not say “can I borrow your car, takk? - but you could say “can I borrow your car, please?” or simply just “can I borrow your car?”)

— aand that’s about it - as far as I can remember right now at least. If i missed something, please do tell! c:

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Hi dear, long time no chat. I don't know if you remember me but we had some contact a year ago? Or two? Anyway, I just wondered if you've seen the Norwegian series called Skam? Series 3 is about Isak and his journey to come out of the closet. Really beautiful and well made. And a lot of international buzz. I love it but I'm biased 😊A lot of gifs on tumblr 😜

i do! i thought you’d gone for good, glad you’re back turtledove. :D and thank you for the heads up about this show! i’ve never heard of it but i am ALWAYSSS looking for new LGBT media. i can’t wait to get my hands on a subbed version of this show! thanks dove!

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just wanted to drop by and thank you for giving your norwegian pronouns because i was wondering about how to express gender neutrality in norwegian + now i'm gonna add de/dem to my about page :))

hey! no problem, i’m always down w/ helping my gender neutrals <3 (^: hen/hens is also used a lot, if you prefer that <3

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First of all, love your blog! I was wondering if in Norwegian, since you have dere for the plural you, you also use dere for speaking to people of authority/people you don't know very well? Like the French vous? Hope the question makes sense!

Thank you, love!! <3

In Norwegian we tend to speak in the same manner to everyone, even people of authority, teachers and strangers - we don’t even use honorifics such as “mister” or “miss” anymore – however we did use to, back in the 70s. Here’s a little overview of those old terms, even though you’ll hardly see them around anymore:

Formal you (singular/plural): Dere/De (in modern norwegian “dere” and “de” are plural only, but earlier they were also a more formal way to say the singular “you”)

Mister: Herr

Mrs: Fru

Ms: Frøken

It’s quite awkward to use these old terms nowadays though, so it’s really not that important to learn them - unless you plan on reading older books/poems etc. c:

( today, some parents even use “frøken” towards young girls if they’ve been misbehaving - so be careful with that one )

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Hi!I was wondering is the Norwegian language similar to German?

You can definitely see that it’s in the same family, a lot of glossaries are similar. Our grammar is a lot easier though!

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Hey have you heard about the rumor saying tarjei won't be in season 4? As a Norwegian i was wondering if you heard something about this? I hope it's wrong tho because skam without Isak won't be the same :(

Key word: rumour
Please be critical to your sources people!