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5/100 days of productivity

Summarizing Antigone by Sophocles with the help of both agerman and a norwegian version and some mint tea🍵I always look for opportunities to use my dip pen and ink, I think it’s fun and special to write with.

I was at school all day, even though I have break, because I followed a friend of mine to all of her classes today. German, maths and History and Culture of the Antique. After, we and another friend, went to a café and drank hot chocolate. We also went to a new bookstore and browsed for at least half an hour. I also visited the brass band and was allowed to play along 🎺

🎶 Misty Mountains by Richard Armitage (my brass band played this and it sounds very good)


me and @norwegian-hobbit had a fun evening with drawpile. here are the results

1, Max
2, Junkr boy
3, @norwegian-hobbit ‘s daughter, Vera
4, collab!! left: Nord’s sketch, my lines and coloring; right: my sketch, Nord’s lines and coloring
5, another collab, see at point 4
6, hell itself; Junkrat is Gerard honhon Amélie be mine, also highboom is canon


The Norwegian Hobbit works his magic. 

“I don’t know what you guys know, but there was a small fracture in my head. I lost my talking and some feeling in my arm and stuff. I was in the hospital for three days,” Zuccarello said. “I couldn’t talk for a while. I had a contusion, some blood in my brain. That affects a lot. I went to speech therapy. I’m getting much better. I couldn’t say a word for four days… I feel much better and I’m getting better and better.”

Per the team, Zuccarello had been skating on his own before Game 6 against Tampa, though lightly. Either way, that was some scary news on the Norwegian Hobbit Wizard.

—  (x)