norwegian hobbit

Dear New York Rangers,

I thought we would do it you know. We would win this game and force a game-7. I believed we would force a game-7 until the final whistle was blown. Hank, Omg there’s not enough words to describe my love and respect for you. You were the MVP of this team this season. Hell, you’ve been the MVP of this team since 2005, the year you entered the league. I’m so sorry we couldn’t move on the next round. You didn’t deserve this. You deserve to win a cup so much. I’m sorry at times your teammates didn’t match your passion, drive and intensity. We would have been a basement dwelling team without you. My heart is breaking for you. Mac, you have been an outstanding captain this season. Zucc, you didn’t look like a guy who broke his skull two years ago and couldn’t speak at all. You were fantastic this season, our beloved Norwegian hobbit. You continue to show that height doesn’t matter as long you have the heart and skill. Vesey and Skjei, our beloved rookies. Skjei especially, you were a revelation this post-season. Zibanejad, I know we are still upset about trading Brassard but you were amazing this season and you clearly won our hearts. It was really upsetting when you broke your leg since you were having such a great season. Really excited for you next season. Grabs, wow what a bargain and every time I saw you going on a breakaway, most of the time the puck went into the net. JT, you and Kreids set so many career-highs this season. Rants, you are such a ray of sunshine. I’m so happy you’re our back up goalie. There were so many ups and downs this season, my faith never wavered. I know this wasn’t our year but we will come back. We will be better and stronger. Can’t wait for next season. Is it October yet?


The Norwegian Hobbit works his magic. 

“I don’t know what you guys know, but there was a small fracture in my head. I lost my talking and some feeling in my arm and stuff. I was in the hospital for three days,” Zuccarello said. “I couldn’t talk for a while. I had a contusion, some blood in my brain. That affects a lot. I went to speech therapy. I’m getting much better. I couldn’t say a word for four days… I feel much better and I’m getting better and better.”

Per the team, Zuccarello had been skating on his own before Game 6 against Tampa, though lightly. Either way, that was some scary news on the Norwegian Hobbit Wizard.

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