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Gymnastics vocabulary in Norwegian

Here you go @nordic-at-heart!

Gymnastikk (m) - Gymnastics
Turn (m) - Artistic gymnastics
Rytmisk gymnastikk (m) - Rhytmic gymnastics
Trampoline (m) - Trampolining
Akrobatikk (m) - Acrobatics
Aerobic - Aerobics
Trampoline (m) - Trampoline
Vertikal - Vertical
Horisontal - Horizontal
Forlengs - Forward
Baklengs - Backwards
Salto(mortale) (m) - Somersault/Salto/Flip
Å stå på hendene - To do a handstand
Håndstående (m) - Handstand
Å gå (ned) i bro (m) - To do a bridge
Araber (m) - Roundoff
Stift (m) - Front handspring
Flikkflakk (m) - Back handspring
Bom (m) - Balance beam
Svingstang (m) - Horizontal bar
Vertikal svingstang (m) - Pole
Poledance/Stolpedans - Poledance
Å være myk - To be flexible
Fleksibilitet (m) /Smidighet (m) - Flexibility
Muskel (m) (pl.indef. muskler) - Muscle
Mage(muskel) (m) - Stomach (muscle)
Rygg(muskel) (m) - Back (muscle)
Ledd (n) - Joint
Å tøye - To stretch
Styrke (m) - Strength
Muskelstyrke (m) - Muscle strength
Kjernestyrke (m) - Core strength
Kjernemuskulatur (m) - Core muscles
Balanse (m) - Balance
Å balansere - To balance
Å trene - To exercise
Styrkeøvelse / Styrketrening (m) - Strength exercise

If there are words that you want to know that are not on the list, feel free to send me a message and ask! <3

Some of my favourite Norwegian songs

Since I discovered Skam, I’ve been on a (pretty successful) quest to find more Norwegian artists. Here are some of my faves:

1) Highasakite
• Someone Who’ll Get It
• My Mind Is a Bad Neighborhood
• Deep Sea Diver
• Iran
• Science & Blood Tests
• God Don’t Leave Me

2) Astrid S
• Hurts So Good
• Running Out
• 2AM - Matoma Remix

3) Aurora
• Runaway
• Running With The Wolves
• Conquerer
• I Went Too Far - MK Remix

4) Gabrielle (obviously)
• 5 fine frøkner
• Vekk Meg Opp
• Mellom skyene
• Ti kviner
• De beste
• Venter

5) Emilie Nicolas
• Let You Out
• Nobody Knows
• Pstereo
• Charge
• Us

6) Hjerteslag
• Sang Til Sonja

7) Hkeem, Temur
• Fy faen

8) Silja Sol
• Ni liv

9) Arif
• FakkerMedMeg
• Sulten
• 7 - med Unge Ferrari
• Mandem

10) Karpe Diem
• Gunerius
• Lett å være rebell i kjellerleiligheten din
• Hus/hotell/slott brenner
• Jens
• Porselen
• Kardemommeloven (feat. Promoe)

And of course, the entire SKAM - NRK P3 Spotify playlist gets a special shoutout for being able to break and repair my heart simultaneously.


Horse Sense

In Frozen, one thing Anna and Hans have in common is that they both have horses for pets. Both horses are male Norwegian Fjords, which are known for the distinct dark stripe that runs through the center of the mane. Neither one of the horse’s names are revealed in the film, but Jennifer Lee has revealed that Hans’s horse is named Sitron, according to this conversation from her Twitter account:

Along with that name confirmation, the new book A Frozen Heart has revealed that Anna’s horse is named Kjekk, according to this description when Anna is riding him through the forest.

Besides the horses’ breeds, Arendelle being set in the country of Norway is further confirmed by the meanings of their names:

  • Sitron is Norwegian for “lemon.”
  • Kjekk is Norwegian for “handsome.”