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Sana and her two worlds

So for a while I have noticed that this season has included a lot of shots with Sana and doors. She’s been behind them, walking through them, peeking behind everything beyond the door, and even standing in the doorway as she is greeted by others.

I tried to not think too much about it because it’s just showing Sana enter a room right? It doesn’t mean anything.

But then I started to think about what Sana’s theme is this season. She is torn between two worlds. Her faith, religion, family as one world and then her friends, Norwegian culture, and now Yousef, representing another.

She wants both but she is struggling to find the balance between these two worlds.

The door is a symbolic representation of a passageway from one world to another, particularly in regards to religion. 

So when it comes to Sana, every time we see her with a door, it is representing Sana transitioning into another world.

When she sees the girls in ep 1, she stands in the door, observing the world they represent before joining them

When we first see her home, we get a shot of Sana actually entering it. Introducing us to her other world. The one we haven’t seen before this season.

We get to see her enter a party, representing her walking into that world again.

And then, we see her enter a room in the party to pray, symbolising her switching into her other world again.

She is literally taking the passageway into each world. Trying to separate them but have them both at the same time.

and you can tell it is going to begin to become exhausting, trying to juggle being a part of both.

Without knowing it at the time, when Sana looks behind the door at Yousef in episode two, this was representing her observing another world she wants to be a part of, but without actually walking through the door and leaving her world behind - which is now the issue she is going to struggle with when it comes to Yousef and her faith.

To be with him, how much of her world does she need to sacrifice?

If she steps through the threshold, how much of her world begins to crumble?

she is truly torn, so she continues to stay in the doorway.

and now in this clip we saw Sana hiding behind the door as she peeks at her mother and her brother arguing, representing Sana feeling lost between her two worlds.

She is watching as this one begins to shake at just the mere droplet of the other world mixing in. And this is when the trouble truly begins.

Soon Sana will have to stop hiding behind her door…and either choose between the two worlds, or find a way to bring them together.

Mom: I’m thinking that it would be alot easier for you if you were with people more like you

Sana: I can manage having Norwegian friends and be myself at the same time!

ok but can we talk about this for a second?? sana insisting she can be herself with norwegian non-muslim friends. but… we haven’t seen that? we’ve literally seen sana get misunderstood countless times and brushed over by her friends in the last four days alone. yes she can be herself in the sense that she’ll usually speak her mind but her being with those girls at the moment, no matter their history, is draining her right now and she is sacrificing her emotional wellbeing. sana’s mother telling her that it would be easier for her to be around people like her was so… sad tbh. sana’s mother must notice how out of place sana can feel, being invited to things/go to parties when its time for her to pray, her friends putting her in the position where she doesn’t want to say no for fear that she’ll just… lose them? it feels like sana’s reply is defensive and it makes me believe she’s not at that point yet where she can verbally tell the girls what they’re doing is shitty and im :/

sana loves those girls so damn much and listen, i dont doubt they love her too. but right now that’s not enough, right now they aren’t seeing what they’re doing and its impact on sana and that is going to blow up in everyone’s faces real soon.


okay okay, here’s what I’m getting from this.
jamilla and sana exchanging ayah’s that sort of say “don’t trust white people” aka, sana’s mostly norwegian group of friends, because they’re inherently against her, and sana responding back with the Qur'an with a verse that basically says to reserve judgements and assumptions.
to which jamilla says, “I’m just trying to protect you” and sana basically says thanks but no thanks.
she’s revisiting this conversation from last march, when I assume they were on good terms because I feel like she thinks she was right.
this hurts.

The other day I realised that the Norwegian version of the Pokémon theme makes very little sense and that it’s even worse when it’s directly translated back into English… So here’s… A treat…

I’m going out on an adventure now,
For I have received a calling
To catch some weird animals t
hat live inside a ball

Travel over land and beach
Out on a never ending hunt
Yes, Pokémon, see it’s possible
To use their power

Catch me and you

Cause that is what I must
You my best friend
On my earth I love them
I get so fed up
For the strength will show the way
You give me and I give you
Catching all, catching all now

What’s so heartbreaking is that Sana feels as if all of her lifelines have been cut. She used to talk to Vilde, but Vilde has been actively cutting her out in favour of the PM girls and making Islamophobic comments.She used to talk to Chris and Eva but they are so busy happily getting drunk and partying with the PM girls that Sana has become an afterthought. She used to talk to Elias but he got into a fight and injured one of her friends. She used to talk to Noora and Yousef but they kissed and broke her heart. She used to talk to Isak but he got hurt by her brother and possibly did something to provoke him. She used to talk to her mother but, since everything fell apart, Sana’s afraid to hear her mother say “I told you so.” Now, we find out that Sana used to have Jamila. Jamila tried to persuade her away from having non-Muslim friends, but Sana didn’t want that. Sana’s ties with Jamila were severed in the pursuit of fitting in at school. To fit in and stop the messages she received in middle school. She wanted “normal” Norwegian friends. Friends who meant everything to her. Friends who she would fight tirelessly for and be their person to talk to. She thought she had finally found them. Now, she doesn’t have either side to turn to. 

ID #18084

Name: Sofia
Age: 23
Country: Poland

Hello! I’m looking for some international friends as there’s something absolutely amazing in being in touch with people from all over the world. I’d love to talk about basically anything: your life, your dreams, ambitions and your everyday sorrows (I tend to complain quite a lot so we could do that together). I watch way too many TV shows and films so there’s no point in mentioning all of them but I’m mainly into period drama and fantasy. Same with literature. Just to give you some general idea about my preferences - you could find on my shelves, among others, Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, Ursula Le Guin, Dan Simmons or The Brontë sisters. I also love music and photography.

I’m currently in uni studying Norwegian so if you speak/learn the language it’d be awesome but it’s not a must. I have two adorable dogs and a slightly annoying and chubby cat and my life without them would be painfully sad. I hate alcohol so the only thing we probably won’t be able to talk about are our driking stories. Actually, I’m not much of a party person and would rather stay at home or invite friends over to spend a quiet evening in.

Sadly, I don’t have much time for snail mail at the moment so I’d prefer to talk mainly by e-mail or other social media such as facebook or instagram at first but I am open to sending each other small packages or postcards every now and then.

Preferences: I suppose it’d be easier to talk to someone more or less around my age group or older. Your gender, sexuality or race make no difference to me. I’m just looking for someone willing to stay in touch long-term :)

SKAM 4.01 - Fy Faen

VILDE: I need to pee.

EVA: Go pee then.

VILDE: No, it’s too late.

NOORA: So what’s up with us hanging out with Sana’s brother?

SANA: I don’t know. Ask Vilde.

VILDE: I just thought we should meet some new, cool, hot guys. Have you met Sana’s brother? He’s super hot!

NOORA: Don’t you have a boyfriend?

EVA: Fuck, it’s cold.

VILDE: They’re on their way. They know of a party.

SANA: They won’t come. They’re childish assholes.

VILDE: No, they’re not. They’re 97ers. Just like William … For example.

CHRIS: Hello, boys.

YOUSEF: You hate hanging out with us, don’t you?

CHRIS: We’re going to a party!

NOORA: Where’s the party we’re going to?


SANA’S MOM: Hi, where are you?

SANA: Uh… Shit, I forgot. I had to help Noora with something.

MOM: Well, where are you now?

SANA: On the metro. We’re on our way to a party. I can hear what you’re thinking.

MOM: It would be much easier for you if you hung out with people who are more like you.

SANA: I can have Norwegian friends and still be myself.

MOM: Okay. I trust you. I’ll see you at home.

SANA: Bye.

[Time for Maghrib]


en and  a duck 
en art a specie 
at that (e.g. It is true that he is slow - Det er sandt at han er treg)
bare only
et barn a child
å be  to ask / pray
en billion a trillion
en blink a target. (et blink = a blink, to blink = å blinke)
bra good
en bulk a dent
en by a city
en disk a counter (also= a disk)
dog however
en dress male suit
Eeleven the student
effektiv efficient
et fag a subject
fast firm
en far a father
en fart speed 
et fat a dish
fire four
et fly an airplane
fort quickly
gift married
en gift a poison
god good
et gods (singular) goods
å grave to dig
hat hatred
hell good luck
hit here
en is An ice cream
Island Iceland
en karakter  a grade (e.g. grade A)
en last a burden
å late / late to fake (v) / Lazy (adj.)
å lime to glue
å love to promise
å male to paint
å mate to feed
men but
et offer a victim
å rape to burp
rare strange (pl.)
å rope to shout
sent late
et spill a game
still place (from å stille)
stolen the chair
store large (pl.)
et tall a number
et tap a loss
å tape to lose
å taste to keyboard
en telling a count
på tide at high time
en time an hour
to two
travel busy

but how lovely was it to see sana talk to her mother about her friends, actually showing her pictures and telling her their names? before, i feel like sana didn’t want to bring them up, because no matter how much she cared about those girls, their friendship was still something that made her feel unsure. in the first episode, for instance, when she tells her mother that she can have norwegian friends and still be herself, she’s pretty much on the defensive when she says it, because it was something she was unsure about, no matter how sure she wanted to appear. could she really be herself with them, when she felt so unable to open up? was it right, this friendship? did it make sense, for her to be friends with them despite her being the only muslim and poc in their group?

but she’s grown more certain that she wanted to be friends with these girls, that it felt right, for her to be friends with them. and although i do still really wish we would’ve seen more of sana opening up to the girls about these uncertainties and why she had them, it’s really nice to know that she feels so much more at peace and confident about her friendships now. and when she shows her mother those pictures, she’s telling her that these are my friends, and that’s a sure thing