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do u have any norwegian movies in general you might recommend? I fell in love with kongen av bastøy a while ago, but anything is good

these are all very different genres, but all good:

trolljegeren, oslo 31. august, veiviseren, kon-tiki, appelsinpiken, bare bea, lille frøken norge (this gave me nightmares for years when i was younger), elling (there are several movies), bølgen. mannen som elsket yngve, kompani orheim, and jeg reiser alene are all about the same character.

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Name: Mikayla
Age: 19
Country: Canada

Hello! I’m Mikayla, a 19 year old film student from Canada. I speak fluent English, some French and Norwegian. I’m in the process of learning a few other languages (Dutch and Ukrainian) But if you speak any other language, i’d be glad to learn it.
As I said, i’m a film student, but i’m majoring in Cinematography and Screenwriting. I’m a huge writer, so I do spend a lot of my time writing. I’ve also been working on my art and calligraphy.
I have two dogs and two bunnies (I talk about them a lot because they’re so special to me) I’m a pretty shy person, but I do have a lot to say. I’m an open minded person, a little bit of a pessimist (a bad habit really) and I drink way too much tea . I’m an INTJ and a Leo.

Preferences: 18-26


Hello and welcome!!

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