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Game of Thrones’s Tormund Giantsbane shaves his beard.

Norwegian film actor Kristofer Hivju, who portrays Tormund Giantsbane on the TV show “Game of Thrones”, announces it’s time to shave off his beard. After sporting this signature look for years, the results of the shave are a little unexpected.

I want to marry. Have kids. Travel the world. Buy a house. Have romantic holidays. Eat only ice cream for a day. Live abroad. Reach and maintain my ideal weight. Write a great novel. Stay in touch with old friends. I want to plant a tree. Make a delicious dinner from scratch. Feel completely successful. Go ice bathing. Swim with dolphins. Have a birthday party, a proper one. Live to be a hundred. Stay married until I die. Send an exciting message in a bottle and get an equally interesting reply. Overcome all my fears and phobias. Lie watching the clouds all day. Have an old house full of knickknacks. Run a full marathon. Read a book that’s so great I’ll remember quotes from it all my life. Paint stunning pictures that show how I really feel. Cover a wall with paintings and words close to my heart. Own all the seasons of my favorite shows. Attract attention to an important issue. Make people listen to me. Go sky-diving, skinny-dipping, fly a helicopter. Have a good job I look forward to every day. I want a romantic, unique proposal. Sleep beneath open skies. Hike. Act in a film or play at the National Theater. Win a fortune in the lottery. Make useful everyday items. And be loved.
—  From Oslo, August 31st (2011) by Joachim Trier

#93 - Let the Right One In (2008), directed by Tomas Alfredson

Don’t know if you got the memo, but vampires were really fucking popular for a while there. There’s almost nothing of worth that ever comes out of the horror genre, and the vampire fad didn’t give us much either… but somehow Swedish director Tomas Alfredson was able to give us the best (literally) of both worlds.

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chickenparmaham  asked:

Hiii, I'm just so amazed how normal all the actors are, we've recently found out that Tarjei goes to school and Josefine & Henrik has normal jobs outside of the show. Is this common for actors in Norway? It seems that the cast don't have to deal with the trappings of fame as how American celebs do, but I fear that might change as the show grows more popular, which makes me quite apprehensive about it. I hope they get to have whatever level of privacy they want in the future.

Hey, I’m glad you asked this question because it has been on my mind for a while (I’ll even use proper punctuation to answer it so people take me seriously, haha)!

Generally, no, Norwegian actors do not have to deal with fame the same way American and British celebrities do. They aren’t half as famous as celebrities abroad, meaning they can live somewhat “normal” lives. It’s not rare to see people from Norwegian TV or film or musicians in the streets of Oslo (and other cities I guess) - and people don’t bother them! Sure, they may get the odd stare and a few brave souls may ask for selfies, but Norwegians are generally too introverted to approach them.

However, the SKAM actors are in sort of a rare position. Most of them have little to no acting experience from beforehand. Some of them have been in school revues or had classes, but the majority of them have never been on TV or in film before (the only exceptions I know of are Ina Svenningdal and Henrik Holm). NRK said themselves that they want the actors to live normal lives, which is one of the reasons why they have been shielded from the press (which is why there are so few interviews with them). Like you said, Tarjei, Ruby and Marlon go to public high schools. Most of the other ones go to university and some of them have part time jobs. They are able to live somewhat “normal” lives. Of course, SKAM is incredibly popular in Norway, but as I mentioned before - Norwegians genereally leave famous people alone. If we do approach them, we are polite and we certainly do not harass them.

Which leads me to my next point - SKAM’s newfound international fame. It started with Scandinavia, but now SKAM has received worldwide attention. Henrik went from having 2000 followers on Insta when the 3rd season was in its 2nd episode, to having 20,3k in its sixth - illustrating how rapid this rise in fame has been.

People are commenting on all the SKAM actors’ Instagrams about their characters and sometimes, the comments are quite disrespectful. The actors are NOT their characters! They cannot control the story, so please leave them alone (do not tell Henrik he has to talk to Isak for example).

People from other parts of Scandinavia have visited Norway and GONE INTO Hartvig Nissens Skole (the school from the show) to take pictures of Isak’s locker etc. - this is trespassing (I’m sure the majority of people would never do this, but it worries me that some people do). DO NOT DO IT.

I’ve also seen a lot of people admitting on Twitter that they search through the cast’s friends’ social media to find not-so-public pictures of the actors. Do not do this either. Seriously, leave their friends and family alone. It’s creepy. Those pictures are not for you. 

I want to conclude with that this level of fame was more than any of them ever bargained for. I urge you all to treat them in a respectful manner and to give them the privacy they deserve. They want to continue on living their somewhat normal lives without interference. Hope you all understand!