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My little test subject: Chapter 5

Chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, and chapter 4

Angsty Tomtord fic with slight Paultryk on the side.

WARNING! This fic contains: Foul language, torture scenes, blood, use of medical tools, drug use, suicidal tendencies, self-neglect, violence, self-harm, and a little bit of stockholm syndrome and force feeding. Viewer discretion is advised.

Patryk wheeled Tom out the room, passing through the heavy metal door and heading into a long corridor. Tom has his back pressed firmly against the chair, unable to turn his head and look at the surroundings, he just shifted his gaze around as far it could to observe. There are other people around aside from just Tord and Patryk, it seems. Most of them wore the same red and blue uniform, but once in a while Tom would spot someone wearing a lab coat.

The entirety of the corridor is painted a dull grey, with tiled black and white floor, many doors on each side, and signs on every corner motioning to different areas of the facility. The signs are red with white letters, and they didn’t seem to have anything special. However, when Patryk turned a corner, Tom caught sight of a sign on the opposite direction saying: “Test room.”

Tom stared at the sign a bit longer before it disappeared from his line of sight. Test room? Sounds interesting… He thought. Tom kept a secret plan, well hidden in the back of his mind. Since he’ll have to endure through whatever Tord decides to throw at him, why not find out as much as he can in the process. Sure, he may never get the opportunity to look around the facility on his own, but if the chance ever arises…

Tom continued to be pushed through the corridors by Patryk, still looking around the place for points of interest. He spotted a sign at the very end of the corridor. This one caught his eye because unlike most of the other ones, it wasn’t red and white; it was black and dark gray instead and it read: “Morgue.”

Tom raised an eyebrow curiously. A morgue? Tord has one of those? He wondered. Considering they are some kind of army, and most of them are soldiers, it is to be expected there to be ones who don’t come back from their missions. Well, breathing at least. Add that to the list. He made sure to remember. Even though it would be obvious as to what he might find in there, it was still necessary to check it out.

As they turned another corner, Tom was faced with a set of metal double doors. He tried to crane his neck up and look through the small, round windows and peer inside, but the restraint on his neck kept him still. The heavy doors were pushed open as Tom was wheeled in and he was met with…

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