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Hey so Thor headcanon:

So there’s this breed of cat called Norwegian Forrest Cats that are absolutely massive

In norse mythology, two of these cats pulled the warrior Goddess Freyja’s chariot, and in some myths these cats were a gift from Thor.

So headcanon that Thor visits Norway and all these big-ass viking kitties know who he is and start following him around. So Thor’s walking around with like, 10 or 20 these kitties screaming at him. And when he sits down all of them immediately curl up in his lap and on his shoulders. So Tony or Steve or whoever with Thor turns around to see him grinning on a bench wearing a fur coat of purring viking kitties (because Thor loves the cats, they’re big furry warrior friends!!)


so apparently Frozen’s studio team went to Norway and parts of the film were based of of it. Also Norwegian, Just Yes.  

new head canon that Tord watches movies in Norwegian when everyone’s in bed

Tom: Oi, Commie, what are you doing watching T.V this late at night?-

WTF you’re actually watching Frozen!?

Tord: yep.

Tom: Is it in a different language??? where are the subtitles??

Tord: it’s in Norwegian.

Tom: !…

(internally: …Norwegians actually pretty nice,,)

Filler words in Norwegian

Can’t learn a language without fillers!

altså - “well…” or “so…”
It’s often used to enhance confidence, whether it’s strong or weak.
Altså, mamma sa at jeg får lov til å gjøre det.. / Well, mum said I’m allowed to do it..

vel - “well”, can be used in the same way as in English. You can also combine it with altså:
Vel, altså, her er planen… / Well, so, here is the plan…

liksom - the Norwegian equivalent to “like” - use it everywhere! It can also be used to enhance sarcasm.
Har du liksom tenkt å gå med det der? / Are you seriously like, going to wear that thing?

da - this literally means then, but we often use it to end sentences, especially if we’re saying something that another person might want to argue with. And since it means ‘then’, you can also use it in the same way as in English.
Jeg skulle jo liksom bare prøve den på, da. / I was just going to like, try it on.

ehh / øhh - uhh, uhm. Super useful.

på en måte - “in a way” or “kind of”. 
Han er litt merkelig, på en måte. / He’s a little strange, kind of.

bare - “just”
Jeg skal bare innom butikken. / I’m just gonna pop by the store.

ikke sant? - translates to “not true”, but is used for saying “right?” “don’t you agree?”.
Around Bergen, people usually drop the “ikke” and just say “sant”. I’m from Bergen so I didn’t know that not everyone says this until I googled it lol. 

skjønner du / skjø’ - used at the end of sentences in the same way as “you see” in English. It comes from the word “å skjønne”, which means to understand, to realize or to “get it”. “Skjø’” is not really used in the southern regions, but if you’re around Trøndelag, you’ll hear this a lot. In other regions one would say “skjønner du”.
Han er lærer, skjø’/skjønner du. / He is a teacher, you see.

Feel free to ask me questions about these or request more specific fillers!

Advanced Norwegian Words #1 // Vocabulary

en kontekst - a context
en konsekvens - a consequence
et plagiat - a plagiarism
momentant - instantly
pretensiøs - pretentious 
ekstravagant - extravagant
en intensjon - a intention
faktuell - factual
kontroversiell - controversial
generisk - generic
intrikat - intricate
nostalgi - nostalgia
sentimental - sentimental


å gestikulere - to gesticulate
å kontemplere - to contemplate
å kverulere - to argue without necessarily having a good argument. 
å insinuere - to insinuate
å stigmatisere - to stigmatize
å aspirere - to aspire

Stop getting angry at Julie.

Have faith in her for crying out loud. The clip was not sexist… it’s trying to show us that despite the fact we thought the girl group was strong, from SANA’S POV there are problems and sometimes there’s drama and fighting.

Also, those girls assuming the fight was because of evak being gay and the boys being Muslim is Islamaphobic… you’re right. BUT JULIE IS TRYING TO SHOW HOW OFTEN MUSLIMS ARE DEMONISED FOR NO REASON AND HOW DAMAGING STEREOTYPES CAN BE!

Seriously guys, calm down and stop throwing accusations at Julie. She hasn’t failed us before and she won’t now, she’s trying to show us how deep racism and problems like this can run in everyday life. The issues with the girl squad haven’t just suddenly come about, they have always been there (especially from Vilde) and we’re only now seeing it clearly because only Sana sees the true nature of the group.


anonymous asked:

Isak eats really unhealthy! While his friends are all eating sandwiches at school he'll eat a bun or a Norwegian waffle. Like boy should not be living by himself, lol. I'm glad even makes him eggs for breakfast. And I wonder if even is good at cooking in general. At least he seems to be taking charge in the kitchen so far. I have a feeling Isak is the kind to just grab a handful of cereal out of the box before

FO’ REAL!! I doubt Isak has had a balanced meal since he ran away from home! And he may very well grab cereal from the box, assuming he has any at home, either way he’s probably forgotten to buy milk.

Even is definitely more interested in cooking than Isak, and given that he has some seasoning tricks to make the food taste better, I imagine he has some culinary talents as well. Isak however, I doubt could cook to save his own life! At least this is what empiric data tells me…

Because of course me being the weirdo I am, I’m physically incapable of speculating about stuff like this without researching and getting all the facts™ first, so I’ve gone through all the times (that I could remember) we’ve seen Isak eating and compiled some data.

In the words of Isak: NU KÖR VI~

We don’t really know anything about Isak’s eating habits at home (in S1). And aside from Even, the only one who’s made food for Isak is Eva. When they were at Jonas’ cabin she made them pasta and tomato sauce

She also treated him to a coffee at one point (not food but still!).

I didn’t remember seeing Isak eat anything in particular in S2, so let’s skip onto S3….

First time we see Isak eating in S3, is the bun you mentioned. We see him tearing the raisin out of the bun, which tells me this is one of those semi-sweet raisin buns. They are delicious but not exactly healthy. (somewhat related: after close inspection I’m 95% sure these are raisin buns with CARDAMOM ❤︎).

Next time we see him eating it’s the cheese toast with ALL THE SPICES and ketchup that Even made him. Not exactly balanced food, but alright for a midday snack imo?

Unfortunately I doubt Isak finished it… when their datehangout got interrupted by guests, you see Isak look down dejectedly at his toasts and tap his thumb against his leg. :( Once Sonja is introduced I imagine Isak made himself scarce.

When Even spends the weekend at Isak’s after Halloween, they must have eaten something. The flatmates didn’t see either of them until Sunday, supposedly, but the mug Even puts ash in suggests to me that Isak probably sneaked out and made them sandwiches & cocoa or smth (that or the mug was already in his room… but one entire day, they’d have to eat) at some point.

Isak isn’t really great at getting breakfast either. That Sunday he literally opens the door, gets asked about Even by Noora and Eskild, and then closes the door again. Wonder how long it took for him to dare venture out… boy must have been starving!

After the painful ‘breakup’ when Isak wasn’t sleeping well, I can’t imagine he was eating so great either. Especially not if you consider the sad sad toast he got from the canteen. One toast with only cheese, it seriously looks just as tired as Isak does!

Of all the foods Isak has bought, the kebab he ate with Jonas is definitely among the healthiest. I imagine he spends most of his allowance/the money his dad sends on snapbacks (he can’t have borrowed all of them!), beer and eating fast food.

Luckily, if it’s down to Even Isak gets to eat a sturdy breakfast. And that’s good considering how Isak hardly seems to be able to get himself breakfast at the flat. (does he even have any food there?) I imagine that Even realized this when he stayed over the previous time, and simply decided to take matters into his own hands, with a little help from the Noora (and Eskild), making Isak scrambled eggs after staying over the second time.

Isak doesn’t join the guys for pizza… but on Friday, Isak waits for Even at the KB. I only saw a coffee cup though, so who knows if he had anything to eat there? Once again Even makes sure they get some food, ordering burgers and champagne (and what looks like cakes? fancy smørbrød?) at the hotel. Isak doesn’t exactly lack appetite at that point ;)

We don’t know what or how he ate the days after… but on Tuesday, we’re back to Isak’s classic diet. He gets a waffle. The guy doesn’t even put jam or anything tasty on it (except whipped cream?). idk what is up with Nissen’s canteen, but stuff looks plain af. (I feel for norwegianall kids who are forced to pay for or bring their own school lunches….)

Now last food Isak prepared (as I am writing this) was a ready-made frozen Grandiosa pizza, which can hardly be considered cooking. And it wasn’t even his (he doesn’t have any food at the flat does he…).

In conclusion (TL;DR):

I doubt Isak knows how to cook. I’m CERTAIN he maintains a horribly unhealthy diet ever since he ran away from home. And I’m hoping that Even’s cooking skills extend beyond breakfast and sandwiches, but honestly I’m fairly certain it does? Even seems comfortable enough in a kitchen to figure it out and make them some healthy food. So with Even in his life…

Hallelujah Isak is saved!!

anonymous asked:

thank you so much for the video! your english is wonderful! could you explain when to use masse or mye? takk!

Thank you so much, love!! <333 “masse”, “mye” and also “mange” can be easy to confuse - but I’ll try my best to give you a quick & easy rundown!


“Masse” is actually sometimes used by people as a quantifier in the spoken language — but it’s actually not grammatically correct in the written language (and honestly, I’d advice against using it while speaking too, even though you’ll probably hear some natives saying it – it’s often looked upon as a “childish” mistake to make). It is, however, a noun - and actually translates into “mass” or “matter”. So things like “brain matter” would be “hjernemasse” (lit. “brain mass”) (ok that’s…a tiny bit nasty - but I think you get my point!) 

You can, however, use the phrase “en masse” like this:

“Vi fikk en masse fisk.” - lit. “We got ‘a mass’ of fish.” 


“Mye” is a quantifier you use when you’re dealing with uncountable nouns - similar to the English “much”.

Har du mye kaffe igjen?” - “Do you have much(/a lot of) coffee left?”

Jeg spiser mye ris.” “I eat much(/a lot of) rice.”

You would also use “mye” together with verbs:

“Løper du mye?” - “Do you run much(/a lot)?”


“Mange” is a quantifier you use when you’re dealing with countable nouns - similar to the English “many”.

Han har mange venner.” - “He has many friends.”

“Jeg drakk mange kopper kaffe.” - “I drank many cups of coffee.”


I hope that cleared things up!! c:

au where even is a concert pianist and isak busks with his ukulele for extra money. one day even sees isak playing and drops way too much money in his ukulele case so isak chases him down the street to tell him he’s made a mistake. even just says to use it to pay for their first date and winks and gives isak a piece of paper with his number on it.



“How should they solve the line of succession problem? Should I be the queen? Or should me brother take over? Because I’m so sensitive, I felt that it would’ve been easier if I were a boy.”