I was awarded a full scholarship to UWC Red Cross Nordic. It is has given me the opportunity to finish high school in an international college in Norway. This is a once in a lifetime unbelievable chance and i am extremely grateful and excited!

Of course, this also means that i am going to be leaving a lot of you at the beginning of august. Obviously a lot of you that i have never met couldn’t care less that i’m moving to Norway, but this is a bigger deal to those of you that I have met and grown very close to over the last several months.

 I will post about all of this on my tumblr, but i will also be posting about my preparation and my time there it in very specific and possibly annoying detail on a new blog i have created called Norway Bound. Please Feel free to ask me any questions you have about this or anything else really. In conclusion, this just means that we have to make the next few months really count okay guys!?!

Get to know who you’re following :D
  • Birthday: 12th of December 1999
  • Gender: Female
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Siblings: 1 older brother, 2 little sisters and 1 little brother
  • Favourite colour: Green/Black
  • Pets: cats at dad’s home.
  • Wakeup and sleep times: usually between 22:30-1:00 pm/am sleep time, between 5-6 am wakeup time. In the weekends it’s usually later wakeup times.
  • Love or lust: Depends on the person.
  • Lemonade or ice tea: both.
  • Cats or dogs: Dogs
  • Coke or Pepsi: Does Pepsi Max count?
  • Day or night: Night.
  • Text or calls: Texts.
  • Makeup or natural: Natural,but makeup for special occasions.
  • Met a celebrity: yeah, like norwegian ones. or Kirk Franklin.
  • Smile or eyes: Both
  • Light or dark hair: Dark
  • Intelligence or attraction: In the middle
  • City or country: City.
  • Last song I’ve listened to: “Monster” - Imagine Dragons

Another Sneak Peak of my original song “New York” I’m performing next week in Norway! More sneak peaks coming up! :D #living4dreams #norwaybound #dreamcatchers #derekbutlermusic #charitycrew

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Sneak Peak of my original song “New York” I will be performing next week in Norway! Let me know what you guys think!! More sneak peaks to come! #NorwayBound #derekbutlermusic #living4dreams #dreamcatchers @thecharitycrew

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