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Hetalia: Surprise Halloween! - Nordic 5
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Schlieri & Sevi back in the days having a pleasant talk with a finnish interviewer

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Clip - “The Secret” - at 13:55, 18.04

Noora: Don’t you think it was nice this weekend?

Sana: At the party?

Noora: Yes? I thought it was really nice.

Sana: Yeah, sure.

Noora: So many new, nice people.

Sana: So you liked them?

Noora: Yes! Like, for example, that guy Yousef, do you know him well?

Sana: Yousef?

Noora: Yeah, your brother’s buddy.

Sana: Hmm, no, not so well.

Noora: Well, he was quite charming.

Sana: If you find immaturity charming…

Noora: Sana, he did seem quite mature.

Sana: Believe me, you don’t want a muslim boy.

Noora: Why not?

Sana: Because just..believe me, they’re together with Norwegian girls just to use them. And as soon as they become serious, when they actually want to have a proper woman in their life, they marry a muslim girl, and they’ll ditch you.

: Don’t you think that’s a bit of a generalising thing to say, or..?

Sana: It isn’t generalising. Muslims can only marry muslims. It says so in the Quran. And why are we really talking about Yousef? Aren’t you together with William?

(Noora turns away quietly)

Sana: Or what…what’s going on between the two of you?

Noora: Um..Well, you know about why I didn’t come…why I came back from London?

Sana: Because he was working all the time. Wasn’t that it?

Noora: But..or.. that’s kind of not the whole truth.

Sana: Okay..?

Mari (off screen): Hey!

Mari: I was just wondering, aren’t you on a bus?

Noora: Yes, yeah. It’s…a russ bus.

Mari: We’re looking for someone to buy ours when we’re done with it, so I thought of asking you.

Sana: How much do you want for it?

(The girl looks at Sana)

Noora: Oh! Sana’s also on the bus.

Mari: Yes. Uh, 300.000.*

Vilde: What?

Mari: We’re selling our bus.

Vilde: Really? We’re very, very interested!

Noora: Yeah? 300.000..*cough*

Vilde: That’s the price of a bus.. When could we come see it, then?

Mari: During the week? I’ll text you.

Vilde: Sure! Bye!

Noora: Hello! We can’t start buying buses for 300.000 kroner! We’re five people..!

Vilde: That’s the price of a bus.. Look, all the buses are being sold now, so if we’re gonna buy one in May 2018 it’s not gonna work. We need to buy one now, or there’ll be no bus.

Magnus: I can join you. On the bus. If you need people.

Sana: I agree with Vilde.

Noora: We don’t have 300.000 kroner!!

Sana: It’s not like they need the money tomorrow. We’ll fix it.

Noora: How’re we supposed to just fix it?

Vilde: You know what, Noora? You have to read this book that I’m reading now, it’s called The Secret, and it’s about that if you let the universe do it, everything will manifest itself in your life. You just have to be receptive.

Magnus: You..know so much about the universe! How?

Vilde: I’m very interested in the universe. Like planets and stuff. And stars. The stars are shining-**

Magnus: You’re a star you know.

Vilde: That I’m yours?

Magnus: Mhm.

Vilde: You’re mine! You’re my sun! The sun is a star.

(Screen goes black)

Magnus: Wow.

*NOK 300.000 is about the same as €32900/$35175/£27655

**Vilde is saying, for some reason, “The stars are shining!” in Swedish. :)

Does anybody know/remember the name of the girl?  Thanks @nooradeservedbetter !

Also, I know it might sound lame that I translate that they’re “on a bus”, but that’s literally what we’re saying in Norway when talking about russ buses. Å være på buss/To be on a bus = It means who we’re planning to share the russ bus with. 

flyingfishflops  asked:

Despite being English, i've never been interested in eurovision. is it worth it? also, which ones would be frisk or flowey's fave? XD

I actually LOVE it dude you should totally watch it, at least for the cool songs.

And you never know what you can find. This year we had a yodel rap. 

That’s just plain awesome xD

Frisk would be struggling with Belarus and Austria, those songs are too cute. And Belarus’ singers kissed at the end of the song!! That’s so cute, dang.

Flowey feels [haha] for Azerbaijan song, but wouldn’t want to admit it because it’s called “Skeleton”. So he will say Norway’s the best one.