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Hong Kong and Iceland hanging out in Ice's room and they have the door shut, and because he knows that Norway and Denmark are outside the door listening Hong Kong starts making sex noises. Long story short Hong Kong and Denmark are now best friends, Norway has to replace Iceland's door and Iceland refuses to speak to any of them.


It’s just wrong

Last night, I was at the pub and someone mentioned Justin Trudeau and how they think he’s too young right now to be Prime Minister. I piped up, saying how I thought he’d be good for this country, but he lost my vote when he voted for bill c-51. The person I was talking with agreed that the bill was terrible, along with the new dual citizenship bill.

I haven’t heard about anything a new dual citizenship bill, possibly because I’m not a dual citizen so I may have just overlooked it. So I did some research and my anger just kept rising the more I read.

What’s basically happening is that anyone with dual citizenship (or can be eligible for dual citizenship) can have their Canadian citizenship revoked and be potential exiled. People with dual citizenship are essentially second class citizens, even those born in Canada.


This does not affect me personally, but it can do damage to a lot of people I know and care about.

Example 1: My roommate/best friend has dual citizenship in Norway and the UK, due to being born in the former and his father being from the later. He can’t get Canadian citizenship, but he does have Permanent Residency status. He is marrying a Canadian girl. They are hoping to have kids some day. These kids are going to be Canadian by birth, Norwegian due to their fathers nationality. So you’re telling me that my future nieces and nephews (because they will be calling me ‘Auntie’) are going to be second class citizens? How is that right?

Example 2: I sing in a small choir and there are no less than 6 people in that choir with dual citizenship. Guess what? These people are second class citizens now. That’s not fair.

Example 3: I worked in a school that had representation from over 30 countries. These kids and their parents and families are now considered second-class citizens. 

Example 4: I have made various friends and had co-workers over the years who have dual citizenship, either from a parent being from another country or they themselves have been from another country. And these are good people! Why are they now second-class citizens simply because they have a parent from another country?

I don’t understand how this passed. Canada is supposed to be a country that values its diversity and multiculturalism. Now it looks like the country is extremely xenophobic. What is happening in this country is undemocratic and unfair and wrong. It’s simple wrong. It’s just fucking wrong!

(A/N: I’m basing this post on conversations I’ve had with others and by things I’ve read on the internet. I’d like to think I’m informed but if I’m wrong on some things, by all means, let me know so I can research more. But this is my understanding of bill c-24 based on what I have read. Just be nice about it. We need to keep some sense of Canadian dignity, after all.)

An AU where Edd never exist, Tord has taken over half of Norway and him and Tom are best friends. Matt is a hermit who has no idea about the world due to his self worshiping schedule. (I know this is already an episode except Matt becomes homeless in the original. I just wanted to add a bit)