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I visited Elsa and Anna’s sommerhus (cottage) yesterday in Epcot yesterday and it was lovely.

I wanted to take more pictures, but this was also their meet and greet location so these are the only precise and essential ones I’ve decided to really take good pictures of.

The paintings were the ones that made me excited the most. And then sad.

The family painting with their mom and dad… now I wonder if that’s the first and only painting they have as a family in that cottage. 😭😭😭

And it took years and years to have another painting done, and they’re not even kids anymore. There’s only the two of them including Olaf in the same backdrop as the first painting running together while holding hands.

Like children.

Elsa and Anna as adults….yet child-like and free once more after years of being forced to grow up, years of separation and years of heartbreak.




Frozen Ever After by disneylori


Norway Pavilion by Michael Burk
Via Flickr:
Top 3 favorite pavilions, for sure. Maelstrom, you will be missed.


Elsa by disneylori

I wish more people would realize that the audience determines the popularity of princesses & the merchandise they see. At Disney World, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Moana, Brave, etc all had the same amount of merchandise pre-release and very similar promotional events. Frozen was the one that blew up among children and adults. In Summer 2014, when I worked in the Magic Kingdom, the merchandise was EVERYWHERE and was constantly selling out to the point where parks had to limit 3 of one item to the customers. People waited as much as SIXTEEN HOURS (according to the attractions cast members) to meet Elsa & Anna during the event when MK was open for 24 hours. Originally, Elsa & Anna was just met at the Norway pavilion in Epcot but that QUICKLY changed due to demand. The crowds and sales determine what Disney focus on. Now that the Frozen hype has died down, stores previously filled with Frozen merch has been replaced by Elena merch. YOU determine what brands/titles Disney focuses on. Buy the merch, talk about the movie, request this and that, then your favorites will get more love from them.


Royal Sommerhus by disneylori


Maybeck has always been that character for me in Kingdom Keepers that seemed like he was there mainly for the purposes of intense comic relief. I mean, the dude is hilarious. Whether he’s talking about pancakes and cookies on Mission Space or saying “Bye bye? That doesn’t sound good,” he always happens to make me laugh. The other day, though, I was listening to the audiobook of KK3 on my IPod (yes….again) and I realized one of the things we, or maybe it’s just me, don’t give the guy enough credit for. He’s authentic as hell and he communicates so effectively. Here are a couple things I’ve learned from Maybeck over the years:

1.) Intense self-confidence doesn’t have to equal arrogance. He knows that he doesn’t know everything. He understands what he’s good at and what he sucks at, but he’s proud of who he is and everything he does. Loving yourself is cool!

2.) If you’re having a problem with someone, being passive aggressive is not as good as straight up telling them that there’s a problem. There’s a scene when Maybeck and Philby are headed to Norway in EPCOT and he confronts Philby about being a know-it-all. He says that Philby knowing everything and talking about it all the time makes him feel stupid and that he finds it annoying. At first, Philby obviously gets a little defensive, but Maybeck continues being straightforward, explaining that Philby can’t understand because he “[doesn’t] have to be around it all the time.” He also points out that he’s “not knocking” the fact that Philby likes knowing things. In the end, they don’t have a problem. But later in the series, when Finn develops issues with Philby, he’s just passive aggressive and assuming. Maybeck understood in middle school that being straight up eases long term tensions. 

3.) Questioning things is important. Think about it: Maybeck is always the last to agree to a plan, but the team has to really think about how to convince him to agree. They have to look over everything to find the best case to present. Imagine how many bad plans they may have made if they didn’t have a team member they knew would put up a fight. If they thought of an idea Maybeck would never agree to, he might have been onto something and they adjusted accordingly. 

4.) Trust your team. When that boy was stuck in the syndrome, he was waiting for his new friends to figure out where he was. He didn’t think for a second that they wouldn’t find him, it was just kind of a matter of when. 

5.) If you’re an expert in something and someone on your team becomes more an expert on that something, you find something else that you’re an expert at. If you’ll recall, Maybeck was the original KK tech guru. Well that changed and suddenly he was like “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” And maybe he didn’t. But he let Philby take control of the tech. Philby’s thing is acquiring and applying new knowledge, so he let him. He wasn’t gonna learn all that to try and compete. He just took over a different point of expertise and became the artist. Eventually, that expertise solved puzzles that Philby’s couldn’t. What if they had just fought about it all? Which reminds me, Philby wasn’t trying to be the leader and just because he was acquiring and applying knowledge of 2.0 all-clear doesn’t mean he was intending to fight Finn. See number two for the resolution to this petty conflict. 

In conclusion, Maybeck. Fight me. 


Marshmallow by Jordan Hall

people need to calm tf down about dirty laundry

aight so i just finished chapter 9 of the extremely enjoyable klance fic dirty laundry, and i was suddenly greeted by the most disgraceful treatment of a fanfic writer i’ve seen in ages. so let me just address this directly to @gibslythe since they don’t allow asks and messages anymore (THANKS HATERS). hopefully they’ll see this and all the other support!!

hi, gibslythe!! i hope you’re doing okay and taking care of yourself, not stressing too much about the updates, we’re patient :) (and the ones who aren’t can go fuck themselves with a pogo stick).
i’d just like you to know that you haven’t done anything wrong. as i understand it, chapter 9 hasn’t been edited yet to pass the ‘let’s see how easily i can get offended by ridiculous things’-test, but to me it was 100% fine. la gasolina is a fun and seemingly well known song, and it fits lance and his siblings well. alexis autism added a sense of ‘there’s more to this story’, and it was not ableist.

i know that the words from one person amidst the endless amounts of criticism might not be easy to take to heart, but let me tell you still that the way you have been dealing with the criticism is aweinspiring. you’ve been so understanding and open and calm when backing up your choices. but you call yourself naive and arrogant, which is not the case at all. you were writing a fanfic, this wonderful type of writing that can allow anyone to write what they like about anything, allowing anyone to read it without it needing to be printed and sold. it is not a dictionary or a biography or an encyclopaedia entry. it’s the story about fictional characters in a fictional world similar to our own. you are under no obligation to represent a version of a mexican family that every mexican can relate to. you do not need to represent every possible manifestation of autism in a single character. alao, you are allowed to create characters that are not 100% super healthy without their illness being percieved as a cheap plot point. you are allowed to write a story about things you haven’t experienced yourself. you’re allowed to use stereotypes that aren’t harmful, and as far as i can see you haven’t been disrespectful a single time.

the people criticising you are being angry for no real reason. should i, as a norwegian, be angry at marvel for butchering my language, changing the topography of our oldest town and revamping our entire history to make it seem as though norway was still in the middle ages and having norse mythology as the main religion during world war 2? should i be angry that frozen is ‘appropriating’ norwegian, norse and sami culture and then presenting their own mishmash of it as the norway exhibit at epcot?

i definitely could. but i don’t, because tbh, nothing happened because of it. noone came to norway and expected statues of odin or for tønsberg to suddenly be by a dramatic fjord, at least not as far as i’m aware. and seeing as nothing happened when big boys marvel and disney played on stereotypes and some mild cultural appropriation (which i personally loved because omg they mentioned norway!!!), i seriously doubt that anything will happen as a result of your fic outside tumblr. maybe someone will ask a mexican person if they know la gasolina, but who fucking cares. being scared to learn about other people because you might ‘offend’ them by asking something that somehow might relate to them is not good. fear is what makes everything go to shit and pushes people away from each other. if people can’t deal with others having points of reference to their country or culture then they can stay inside their house and stare into a wall. i’ve seen like one fjord in my entire life and still people ask me about them - i answer to the best of my ability without getting angry that they see norway as the country of fjords because that’s what we’re known for. and salmon. i know fuck all about salmon other than that it’s good to eat. still not angry or upset or even vaguely offended.

all these peple being angry at you are probably just your typical tumblr sjw trolls who have no other purpose in life than to make others feel like shit for being alive. they serve no real purpose or role, they are not helpful and they are not worth your time, your energy or your health. i understand that it’s hard to deal with so much negativity, but believe me when i say that you don’t have to. fuck them! who cares what they have to say. it’s your fanfic and your artistic license and if they have a problem they can take it to court and see if they get any response (unlikely). you don’t have to read, respond or even acknowledge their stupid messages. you just have fun with your fic.

i’m sorry for the wall of text and no i do not know how to make those ‘read more’ links :’) what i do know though is that you are writing a great fic that i’ve been super eager to read every day and that you have been pushed into the dirt by bullies who need to acknowledge the stick up their ass and pull it out before it hurts more people.

please be strong, ignore the haters and keep on doing what you love! we’re here for you so just send those hater-idiots our way and we’ll beat them up ♡

- vilde (yes that’s my name ☆)


Norwegian Club:Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Jarlsberg and Muenster Cheese with fresh Tomatoes, Sliced Red Onion and Lingonberry Mayonnaise on Toasted Multigrain Bread, from Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe located in the Norway Pavilion in Epcot.