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tight squeeze by Tony
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After my visit to Lisbon and touring about using a segway.I am hooked. I booked a tour of Bergen befor I left on my cruise. Our guide (Italian) was full on=f knowledge and took the party to see some of the oldest parts of the city. up and down alleys and roads up hills and waterfronts. I think there is no better way to see a city.


Astoria and mountains by Tony
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Eidfjord as we returned to our cruise ship and basked in the afternoon sun.

Kornilov Continues Kerensky Offensive

Kornilov being feted by his officers in July 1917.

July 6 1917, Ivano-Frankivs’k–The Kerensky offensive had seen some successes in its first two days, especially in the Eleventh Army’s sector.  However, the main body of the infantry involved seemed to think they had done their duty and were unwilling to move beyond the Austrian trench lines that they captured.  The Eleventh Army attempted to attack again on July 6 but made no progress.  Its commander reported:

Despite the victories of July 1 and 2, which should have strengthened the offensive spirit of our units, we have not seen this in the majority of the regiments.  Some unites are dominated by the conviction that they have done their duty and are not obligated to carry on further uninterrupted offensives.

Further to the south, the Russian Eighth Army, under Kornilov (newly sent south from Petrograd), also began its attacks on July 6.  Kornilov hoped that German and Austrian reserves had been sent north to stop the Eleventh Army, and that he would be able to smash through the Austrians in front of him.  The attack on July 6, initially intended as a diversion, still took many Austrian positions.  A larger attack the next day broke open the Austrian lines and took 7000 prisoners.

The resulting gap in the Austrian lines was large enough that, for one of the few times in the war, the cavalry prepared to exploit a breakthrough could actually be used to great effect.  Two entire cavalry divisions pushed through and reached as far as Kalusz, over 15 miles distant, by July 11.  However, with the Seventh and Eleventh Armies to his north unwilling to renew their offensive, this left the Eighth Army’s rapidly advancing flank increasingly exposed.

Today in 1916: Lloyd George Made Minister of War
Today in 1915: Franco-British Conference at Calais
Today in 1914: Kaiser Wilhelm Departs on Cruise to Norway.

Sources include: David R. Stone, The Russian Army in the Great War.


Bergen aerial view by Tony
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nearing the top of Fløyen mountain and the Segwy tour stops to look down on the city. we turned and returned downhill at this point. A steep road up and equally steep down.

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Bergen waterfront by Tony


Handangerfjord by Tony
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When you get up early to watch the night change to day.


St Mary’s Church by Tony
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The construction of the church is believed to have started in the 1130s or 1140s and completed around 1180, making this church the oldest remaining building in the whole city of Bergen. There have been a few fires that burned the church, as well as several renovations and reconstructions, most recently in 2013.