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10/2 Tentoo’s Day!

It’s time to celebrate our favorite metacrisis! Join us October 2 for a day of fic, art, gifs, videos, playlists, manips, edits… whatever fanworks you create.

How do I participate? Use the tag #tentoosday (no apostrophe) to tag your work as part of the event. You can @-mention us at @doctorroseprompts and tag us too (#doctorroseprompts) to make sure we see it and reblog it.

I’m nervous I don’t know enough about Tentoo. That’s ok, Skyler has a handy list of meta links in her Fandom Guide here (x).

Why now? Here in the US, the date is 10/2 because unlike everyone else in the world, we put the month first and the day second. (Yes, we are willing to do this again in February for all the non-US people out there.)

Alright, I’m ready! Where are my prompts? Glad you asked! Right under the cut. Here we go:

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