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Aph Poland's contact names
  • America: Burger dude
  • England: Eyebrows on fleek
  • France: Honhonhonhon Baguette Bonjour Eiffel Tower
  • China: Aru, Aru?
  • Italy: Pasta friend
  • Romano: He called me fashion Bastard now I'm sad
  • Germany: Tried to kill me
  • Prussia: Also tried to kill me
  • Japan: Anime
  • Denmark: Wtf is up with his hair
  • Norway: Iceland call me Big brother
  • Iceland: Norway no
  • Sweden: Is attracted to furniture
  • Finland: Sweden's wife
  • Spain: *Clap clap* Olé!
  • Hungary: I like this one, this one can live
  • Austria: I got 0 sleep because of him and his stupid piano
  • Switzerland: Murder
  • Lichtenstein: Big Bruder
  • Ukraine: Has two big land masses
  • Belarus: Ivan marry Mr
  • Lithuania:
  • Estonia: I'm sure he's hacked the universe
  • Latvia: 😐
  • Sealand: Eyebrows on Fleek #2
  • Wy: Eyebrows on Fleek #3
  • Australia: Has deadly spiders as pets
  • Canada: How does he carry a polar bear around all the time like wtf

A lovely Franco-Norwegian international flavour has come to Pointless Letters today, thanks to MJM over on Twitter.

I’ll be honest, I’m not totally sure why being a member of the Norwegian Conservative Party would have any bearing on finding someone attractive or not, but it’s nice that Bendik included it anyway.