norway at last!

Favorite lines from Hamilton converted into Hamilton AU

It must be nice it must be nice to have Tord Ars on your side~

I go back to Britain for more funds,
Matt Graves!
I come back with more guns and ships-

I have the honor to be your obedient servant-
P. Voode
E. Sulvir

Excuse me are you Sulvir, sir?

Freedom for Norway, freedom for England!


Is this a Frozen-ish setting for Game of Thrones? I mean srsly….

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Birthday: February 7th
Gender: female
Siblings: I have a little sister 
Wake up / Bed time: I go to bed late and wake up late
Love / Lust: love
Lemonade / Iced Tea: lemonade
Coke / Pepsi: coke
Day / Night: night (I love watching movies in bed at night)
Text / Call: texting
Makeup / Au Natural: just a little bit of makeup always
Smile / Eyes: EYES
Light / Dark Hair: I’m blonde so light
Shorter / Taller: I’m somewhere between 1,65m and 1,75m
City / Country: I live in the city (Oslo/Norway)
Last Song You Listened to: EASE - Troye Sivan

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Ylvis performing Janym in Stavanger. 

They’re surprisingly soulful when doing this song, I hadn’t really noticed this in video footage I’ve seen of the other concerts. Like, you’d think with such silly words and faking the accent and all that they’d look less serious, but almost all my pictures from this performance show them with really intense expressions, it’s weird.

Photography by Dana, photoshopped by me.

The one and only time Vegard looked at the camera, and Dana caught it.
So glad I told her about the long-press-on-button-produces-a-bajillion-photos-per-second trick, even though it means I don’t have pictures from the last 4 songs of the show because my card ran out of memory. 

So worth it.

Photography by Dana, photoshopped by me.