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Character troupes that are probably way overused but I love anyways
  • The Angst Fest: Characters who are really hostile and angry all the time but have cripplingly low self-esteem/depression/super-high self-hatred/all of the above but are really kindhearted and caring on the inside. They're 'assholes' to cover up/try to hide just how hurt they are by lashing out at everyone around them and try to take responsibility for way more than what they can handle. The fandom's babies and the target of many, many angsty fanfics
  • The Asshole/Villain: The suave, uber-dangerous, intellegent bad guy with the sadistic tendancies and a passion for murder. They're kinda paradoxes of themselves sometimes- human monsters- but you can tell in weak moments that they're really fucked up and took up violence and cruelty as a coping method. Can't really function in society, no matter how many admiriers they might gain. Subject to "smol innocent cinnamon roll did nothing wrong" posts when in reality literally everything that went wrong is probably their fault
  • The Stone-Cold Bitches: Characters who are cold and apathetic and hostile to almost everyone but in the most (unintentially) badass way possible. They're driven by their brains and usually try to get their goals met as quickly and efficiently as possible. Under the mask, however, they're warm, gentle, and loving, though they themselves do their damned hardest to try to hide it. Shy, quiet, and socially inept when knocked out of their element. Cannot comprehend affection, will most likely contrort into weird confused poses if you hug them
  • (Bonus: The monsters: characters who are seen as monsters and react badly to it despite their tough shell- the ones who get 'Demon!' or 'Monster!' shouted at them and just stop with a stricken expression/are deeply hurt by it. Or characters who are literally monsters that look and act human; anything with sharp teeth, claws, slit pupils/oddly coloured eyes, or an almost predatory slink to their walk. Masters of the Uncanny Valley effect.)
Celestial: Chapter Three

Find it on Ao3 here! Find it on FFnet here!

AN: In which @jindaokol and I (okay, Heather does) make Marta and Sindre human. Here is a portion of the originally planned Chapter 3… the rest will hopefully follow shortly. 

“It is believed in these lands that the Sun and Moon bring prosperity and balance all aspects of Life, their Legacy. When burgeoning bud and breath find Light under the heavens, so Life will grow.”

Sindre turned as the last words echoed across the garden. Marta’s hand on his arm curled around his bicep with enough strength to start to hurt. Was it desperate? He could not tell, but when he glanced at her, her jaw was clenched, her grip white knuckled. He could feel her anxiousness and disappointment that the quiet morning had been disturbed, harsh words spoken by her family and overheard by ears she would likely wish had been deaf to it. Should he respond to the argument or act as it had not happened?

Marta thumbed his sleeve gently, “let us away,” she said before he could decide. He searched her face; her eyebrows were drawn and her lips pursed. She finally met his gaze and her expression immediately softened into a small smile. She said, “shall we go breakfast then?” A warm feeling in his chest stirred him to place his hand upon hers. Her grip on him loosened at his touch, thumb running along his sleeve once more. He wondered at the gesture, but did not comment.

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2P Norway (Part 2!)

 Okay I’m still super nervous about uploading my art because oh my Lord everyone on this site is an absolutely amazing artist and I’m lacking in the talent department. I’ll share my ideas but no art!

I just wanted to say I also named him both Loki and Lokki Bondevik. He was Loki before Christianity was introduced to Norway, and Lokki after.

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February update #2

Characters and GDC!

In this update, we figured we’d let you know of some of the things that have changed with characterization in the game since the last time the world saw it in 2011.

The Owlboy 2011 Demo:

For those of you who played the demo from 2011, you’ll know that you can meet characters within the game that can eventually join your party. We call them ‘Gunners’. In the game, you pick up can carry gunners to fight for you, using their unique abilities both in combat and for puzzles.

The first gunner you meet is Geddy. He´s Otus´s best friend and their hometown’s mechanic. His weapon is a tiny, but percise blaster that you’re able to use when carrying him around.

The second character you meet in the demo, is Alphonse. A pirate in a red suit, carrying a really powerful fireball musket. Alphonse was an optional character - but after going through the steps to unlock him, he would be so much more powerful, he’d overshadow Geddy completely. We noticed  players would stop using Geddy immediately as Alphonse could simply do everything better.

The simple Solution:

We started discussing what we could do to make the party dependent on each other. One solution would be to use obstacles that only Geddy´s blaster could penetrate, but that didn’t seem like a satisfying sollution. After a little planning, we introduced a new gameplay mechanic.

We ended up making Alphonse’s musket attack EVEN more powerful, while adding a cooldown to it! As the shotgun blast was charging, the player could then use Geddy to continue attacking. It was a simple solution, but it solved all our problems! Suddenly the players would use both characters in almost any situation, and Geddy and Alphonse would become essential members of the team. Each was focused a different aspect of combat.

In fact, he became so essential with this new system that we made him a non-optional character. This meant that we could create more interesting combat and puzzles that forced you to switch intelligently between the gunners and use their strengths to progress.

One of the boons of having worked on Owlboy for so many years, is that we’ve been able to find solutions for problems like this. If we had been rushed, or had not released the demo, we would have never spotted situations like these, and the gameplay and narrative of Owlboy would have suffered greatly.

With gunners no longer optional, it allowed for us to incorporate the characters more heavily into the story. Next update, we’ll go through our decisions more in depth.


We also want to take this moment to announce that we’re going to be present at GDC in San Francisco this year, March 14-18.

We’re sending Simon and Julie out to mingle with people, do some secret meetings. And not to mention: TONS OF BUTTONS!

There won’t be a booth this year, so if you want to meet up (or get your hand on a truckload of buttons…) make sure to contact us in advance.

See you in the next update!

Nordics as Things My Friends and I Have Said (8)
  • Finland: I am evolving into an adorably evil monster right now.
  • Norway: I'm mean, irritable, and absolutely brilliant.
  • Denmark: As long as I don't call a human an ape, I'm fine.
  • Iceland: Saying liquorice tastes horrible is the greatest insult of all.
  • Sweden: Non-IKEA furnitures are a disgrace. Must get the IKEA. IKEAAAAAAAAAAA!
Nordics as bad pick-up lines
  • Denmark: Do you work at McDonald’s, because I want you to be in my happy meal
  • Iceland: Are you wifi because I think we have a connection
  • Sweden: You remind me of my big toe, because I'm gonna bang you on every piece of furniture in my house
  • Norway: If beauty was time, you'd be eternity
  • Finland: People call me Tino, but you can call me tonight
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there’s that one character. You know the one. The one you gravitate to, no matter how you pull away. You may crush on other characters, but it’s only a matter of time before you reunite yourself with your fictional love. You see them everywhere. You think about them constantly. He’s not real, but you find yourself stalking him, searching Tumblr, DeviantArt, Youtube, Google, ect. You get jealous when you see other pairings. That one character that you like yourself for loving, but loathe yourself for finding. Yeah, that character. Add them to the tags.

APH Norway is my aesthetic. Just him as a whole. So, here’s an APH Norway aesthetic. For all your APH Norway aesthetic needs.