The first look of the new web-series: Witchcraft! If you want a show filled with Magic, unabashed references to our favourite magical pop-culture and watching three young adults trying to sort out their own magical mess, this is the series for you! 

Join us of the next few months for a fantastic adventure.
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APH Nordics sneezing
  • Sweden:sneezes very quietly, like a kitten sneeze
  • Denmark:very high pitched girly sneeze
  • Norway:sneezes normally, occasionally he does magic so he sneezes sparkles(Denmark mocked him about this once and only once)
  • Iceland:normal sneezes
  • Finland:sneezes so violently that he has broken chairs when he sneezes in them.

hithisiscorrin  asked:

So, Lukas. You said you wouldn't care who was with Emil as long as it wasn't Vlad. Right? So..... ... Are you saying you are okay with Leon and Emil dating?

Lukas: … They’re what now?

Emil: N-Nothing! They’re just kidding, is all! Me and Leon? Never, ever, we’re just friends. 

Lukas: You sure? Because if you two were dating–

Emil: We’re not!! God, just drop it! I’m going to bed, good night.

Lukas: It’s three PM.

Emil: Bed!


FC001 by firecroft
Via Flickr:
Sognsvann, Oslo