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Sami people persuade Norway pension fund to divest from Dakota Access
The Sami parliament, representing indigenous people also known as Lapps, has convinced Norway’s second largest pension fund to ditch the oil pipeline project

In an act of international solidarity between indigenous peoples, the Sami parliament in Norway has persuaded the country’s second largest pension fund to withdraw its money from companies linked to a controversial oil project backed by Donald Trump.

The project to build the 1,900km Dakota Access oil pipeline across six US states has prompted massive protests from Native American activists at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation.

This week, after lobbying by the Sami parliament, Norway’s local authority pension fund KLP announced it would sell of shares worth $58m in companies building the pipeline.

Vibeke Larsen, president of the Sami parliament, said the pension fund announced the move when she arrived at a meeting in Oslo to discuss Dakota Access.

“We feel a strong solidarity with other indigenous people in other parts of the world, so we are doing our part in Norway by putting pressure on the pension funds,” she told the Guardian.

The Sami – sometimes called Lapps in English – are an indigenous people living in the Arctic area of Sápmi in the far north of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia’s Kola peninsula.

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how to swear in norwegian like a pro
  • faen i helvete - fucking hell
  • satan i helvete - fucking hell ( google translate: satan in hell )
  • jævla satans helvete - fucking hell ( google translate: fucking satans hell )
  • hva faen da? - wtf?
  • faen å - for fucks sake
  • hva i helvete? - wth?
  • drit i det - forget it ( google translate: shit in it )
  • kødder du? - are you kidding me?
  • faen! - shit or fuck, technically means devil
  • di jævla hestekug - you fucking horse cock
  • jævla hore - fucking hore
  • jævla kug - fucking cock
  • oi - oh shit but also ops!
  • øøøøøøøøøø - ew
  • bæ - the sound that sheep make
  • herregud - oh my god
  • helvete - hell
  • øøøø faen så jævlig ekkelt! - that’s fucking gross
  • faen da ! - fuck it or fucks sake 
  • fy faen - fuck or for fucks sake or damn ( directly translated :  bad fuck )

@ norske, add på flere hvis dere kommer på noen

Aurlandsdalen, Norway

Submitted by Yngwie Scheerlinck / @yngwie_traveladdict 

I did a trekking from the Hardangervidda plate to the fjords and this cabin was located in a very remote gorge full of waterfalls from the surrounding glaciers who where melting. The cabin itself was one of the last things that were left of the mining in the area except for some old pickaxes.

Compliments in Norwegian that isn't about physical appearance

1. Du er snill - You are kind

2. Du er morsom - You are funny

3. Du er sterk - You are strong

4. Du er smart - You are smart

5. Du inspirerer meg - You inspire me

6. Du er så forståelsefull - You are so understanding

7. Du betyr mye for meg - You matter a lot to me

8. Du inspirerer meg til å bli et bedre menneske - You inspire me to become a better person

9. Du har et varmt og godt hjerte -You have a warm and good heart

10. Du har god smak - You have good taste

11. Du er modig - You are brave

12. Du er imponerende - You are impressive

13. Du lyser opp rommet - You light up the room

14. Du har en fantastisk latter - You have an amazing laughter

15. Du gjør en forskjell - You are making a difference

16. Stemmen din er betryggende - Your voice is calming

17. Smilet ditt er smittende - Your smile is contagious

18. Lidenskapen din er smittende - Your passion is contagious

19. Jeg skulle ønske flere var som deg - I wish more people were like you

20. Jeg liker stemmen din - I like your voice

21. Jeg er stolt av deg - I am proud of you

22. Jeg blir så glad når jeg er med deg - I get so happy when Im with you

23. Jeg blir glad når jeg tenker på deg - I become happy when I think of you

24. Jeg koser meg alltid med deg - I always have a good time when Im with you