Sindre Rosness
Oslo, Norway
Fujifilm GW690 III

You have an impressive collection of both urban and nature shots. Do you feel like you have a different approach to shooting when you get to civilisation?

My approach is the same wether I shoot big cities, or during hikes. I work very intuitively, compulsively recording memories. I try to photograph the places I go so it will match my memories of that place. 

Where do you think the best pictures lie as a landscape photographer? Are you always looking for something to happen or do you feel like it takes a certain amount of preparation?

I think the most beautiful moments are still to be captured. They happen every day out there, as the sun sets and rises and the seasons change. So I don’t need to prepare. I just go hiking, fishing, climbing and always always bring a camera and LOTS of film.

What has been your favourite adventure in the last few years?

My favorite adventure in the last few years must be going to Japan with a couple of friends. Especially exploring the ancient burial site in the woods on the Koya-San Mountain was great. But I always look forward to a new adventure, the next being a round trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Can’t wait!

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Cruise News

1. Will be docking in Oslo soon.

2. DynaPapa gets a free day to himself as he’s going on an 8-mile hike for his shore excursion.

3. This means, of course, I’ll have the kids. We’re going to a Viking Ship museum and an amusement park.

4. I worked out this morning but treated myself to just a 1 hour, 40 minute workout rather than the normal 2 hours and 15 minutes. I figure today’s walking will make up for the skipped 35 minutes

5. Disney gave us a complimentary backpack. But I’m much too old and way too uncool for these one strap backpacks. I have no idea how the hell you wear it. Wait a minute. Maybe it’s just a really big fanny pack and that’s why there’s only one strap?!?

6. Bananas can be found all over these Disney cruise ships. This causes me to hoard them in my room, usually 6 to 7 at a time. They make a convenient snack when I’m too lazy to leave the room to access all the free food available throughout the ship. (I know. That’s laziness, folks.)

7. I also hoard those little packs of peanut butter. They’re out in the mornings at breakfast time. So I grab 3 or 4 at a time for the room. They come in great as a condiment for the bananas. (You know you have food obsession, food love, and food issues when your bananas need a condiment.) They also come in handy for dipping the little chocolate treats the night maid leaves as part of the turndown service. (I really have every aspect of food planned down to the most minute details. I have issues. I know. But, I love food. What can I say?)

Done with today’s workout 😊 biceps and back 😊