Hamnoya, by simonroppel

Website Facebook Licensing Requests Hamnøya Took this shot on one of the most famous spots in Lofoten in summer 2015. I never really was in the mood to process this one because there are just too many shots from this location. On the other hand, this place looks just too beautiful for not to be seen… so there you go guys :) About the shot… long exposure taken with the Lucroit 10 Stopper with 240 sec’s – I now offer Private lessons in Post Processing over Skype. If you’re living in Switzerland, you can join me on a 1on1 Session in a private audience. Just contact me through my Contact form on my website for more information about this. – If you want to purchase one of my shots for private or commercial purposes, you can visit my website. Or contact me directly through my contact form. I’m always happy to help :-) cheers