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No but really

Okay, so apparently SKAM has become this new big show?? And people probably talk about it like A LOT in other countries now. But Imagine how it is like here in Norway… SKAM is more or less all we talk about, we are crazy about it, the media is crazy about it. Heck, even my teachers. I remember when we were all waiting for William to answer Noora, and then he suddenly did in the middle of my math class. And I just went “afdfadg and started squealing, before I could shout “GUYS SKAM!” and my math teacher just stopped dead in the middle of an equation, and my classmates went crazy… and we ended up watching the clipp full screen on the whiteboard. 

And the radio channel P3 did a parody, and the talkshow Senkveld did a parody and everybody has done a parody and it is everywhere and we are crazy up here in the north!

 Norway? more like skamtrash #1