Ice Cube in a Plastic Cup
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Norvaiza is an esoteric dream pop syndicate from Montreal, Canada. Led by songwriter/producer Todd Macdonald (The Winks) who is joined by a small group of musicians and producers in the studio and on stage. Languid and contemplative, it’s music that will burrow into your soul.

Ice Cube in a Plastic Cup takes us on a light-headed journey through the astral plane, traversing space and time with their special brand of pop. 


makes me wish the sun didn’t set so soon again..

I’m not sure how something can sound vaguely haunting (that winter wind you hear against window panes) while sounding like just your everyday soundtrack to your everyday life.

I don’t know, man, but this song captures that pretty little paradox & it sounds grand.

You can get Cremation Ground @ Bandcamp.

Hat-tip to Weird Canada.


is that all there is?