French covers from Murakami Haruki 村上 春樹 books

- Sekai no owari & Hard-boiled Wonderland 世界の終わりとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド (La fin des temps) - Japan - Points French edition - 1985

- Noruwei no mori ノルウェイの森 (La ballade de l'impossible) - Japan - 10/18 French edition - 1987

- The Strange Library (L'étrange bibliothèque) - Japan - 10/18 French edition - 2008

- Nemuri 眠り (Sommeil) - Japan - 10/18 French edition - 1989

- Pan'ya saishūgeki パン屋再襲撃 (Les attaques de la boulangerie) - Japan - 10/18 French edition - 1985

- Hitsuji o meguru bōken 羊をめぐる冒険 (La Course au mouton sauvage) - Japan - Points French edition - 1982

- Umibe no Kafuka 海辺のカフカ (Kafka sur le rivage) - Japan - 10/18 French edition - 2002

- Kokkyō no minami, taiyō no nishi 国境の南、太陽の西 (Au sud de la frontière, à l'ouest du soleil) - Japan - 10/18 French edition - 1992

- Mekurayanagi to, nemuru onna めくらやなぎと、眠る女 (Saules aveugles, femme endormie) - Japan - 10/18 French edition - 1983

Norwegian Wood - Noruwei no mori

My first review will be Norwegian Wood a Japanese movie based on Haruki Murakami’s book.

Let me start with the fact that we didn’t see all the characters from the book in the movie even the ones that would give another touch in the whole story. The first few scenes came by really fast , jumping from one event to another. After a few seconds you have already gone to the 5th chapter, missing some parts of the story. Okay the movie is based on the book it wasn’t meant to be exactly like the book.

I have decided to review the movie without thinking about the book so here it is.

Norwegian Wood is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. If you have passed puberty and you are over 20 years old there is no actual reason to watch it.

 It follows the story of a young man (Watanabe) over 18, losing his best friend (Kizuki), studying in an all boys University that in some part gets super horny. Okay his best friend killed himself and he decided to take care of his girlfriend. That is completely acceptable. But when she suddenly burst into tears at her birthday and Watanabe (main character) decides to take advantage of her, I thought that is acceptable she didn’t say no. But after a certain point the main subject of the movie is his hot feelings about Naoko and another girl.

 During the movie Naoko goes to live in sanitarium and Watanabe visits her. While asking for sexual satisfaction, Naoko didn’t really want to do it so she starts commenting about his “excitement” and decided to satisfy him differently. Is that really an important part? I think the title should have been “Watanabe and his sexual desires” because in the whole movie the only thing that matters is his dick. At the same time another girl (Midori) keeps telling him how much she wants to sleep with him. Isn’t he lucky?

 Towards the end i realized the reason his best friend died was simply because his childhood girlfriend didn’t have any sexual excitement for him and they couldn’t complete their relationship. Eh? what a good reason to kill yourself!

 The main character (Watanabe) looks like he doesn’t really care about everything that’s going on in his life. The only time he showed some feeling was when Naoko (Kizuki’s girlfriend) killed herself. After that to mourn her even more he didn’t say no to Naoko’s sensei (teacher) when she asked him to sleep with her after the funeral. He ended up calling Midori (his fan girl) on the phone to tell her that he is in love with her.And then the movie ended with a happy together ending. After all he ended up with a very “excited” girlfriend to satisfy his needs.

Norwegian Wood movie had absolutely no art in my opinion.The should change the title to Watanabe’s Wood.The main subject of the movie is sex.You better watch a porn movie at least you’ll know what you’ll get.

They absolutely took only the sensual and sexy parts of the book.I wonder if the writer cried after watching this.

As a movie by itself it tells absolutely nothing to audience. Only the people who read the book would understand what really was going on. That is why people shouldn’t try to include a whole book into a movie if they don’t want to put much effort into it.