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I decided to finally do a follow forever because of the new year and because I reached 1.1k followers so it’s about damn time. I’m just doing mutuals because I honestly do not have the patience or attention span to do everyone. Thank you all so much for following me! I appreciate every single one of you! If I forgot any of you, feel free to message me and I’ll add you in!

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So I finally have 200 followers! I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but 💁🏼 its pretty great haha.
So I figured I would do a follow forever!

People I Know/Friendos
@brookelrosener / @fuqboi-5sos / @nerdytyphoontragedy / @adventurousplatypus / @aphor-ism / @dens-nuts

Some Other Great Blogs!!
@dragonbraces / @ned-den / @sassy-sweden / @ask-miss-bela / @princedenmark / @a-crappy-usuk-shipper / @obsessive-youtuber / @ask-northeastern-thailand / @ask-mspaint-hetalia / @norwayaph / @trans-sweden / @aph-norge / @vivinite / @fangirlingoverfictional / @nagagutsu-de-kanpai / @procrastinateallthelivelongday / @sneakyinsuburbiaa / @imagineshetalia / @the-friend-that-people-hate / @aphcronus / @apateticteen / @pragaro-valkirija / @tuoremehu / @dreamer84324 / @emmsiicool / @titanhungary / @helenaotaku / @luddy-chan / @the-dane-of-my-existence / @aphenjolras / @skellybuttons / @miyazakishetalian / @missbokukko / @drunkvarg-ass / @hetaliangonewild / @roderdick-edelstein / @geritashipper / @allinavicecream / @transboy-sircarrot / @ingallsalbert / @jalexlove123 / @kassierb / @bxbblesqxid / @sarahthewolf29202 / @awkward-little-biscuit / @elknir / @ikemarths / @chiibitalia / @please-stop-raining / @aph-noruega / @infinipede / @maru-kaitechikyuu / @nordicsteria / @problem-squad / @every-moment-is-unique / @hetare-hetalia / @aph-wyonegonic / @jirazy / @floridiano / @aph-butter / @nyocanacla / @ghost-of-prussia / @sunflowerxman / @germanpotato / @neurococo / @amera-wdwr / @svedone / @aph–england / @alfred-fandom-jones / @amongthespaghetti / @nostalgicnaps / @kozume-kenmas / @be-my-crybuddy / @myfather-willhear-aboutthis / @sickbeatdown / @satanic–jew / @kellin-quinn-for-the-win / @kikuanimefreak / @president-pyrope

So that’s it ^.^ Thank you guys sooo much!!! ;*

Finally a Follow Forever!

This is honestly so annotated, sorry. I follow, like, five thousand blogs. This is my hell. My special, self-made hell. 

Anywho, everyone else is posting theirs, so I figured that since I’ve been meaning/trying to make one, this is the best time. 

Most of these are mutuals, but all are really awesome people.

Thank you all so much for staying with me!

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It’s already the end of 2015 and to celebrate I’d like to do a follow forever to show some really spectacular blogs. I wish you all a very happy new year!

bolded are mutuals

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@a-baka-fangirl @agenderromania @alfredtalia @aph-ameriko
@aph-cuba @aph-england @aph-danmark @aph-fineland @aph-finland @aph-france @aph-netherlands @aph-noruega @aph-portugay @aph-preussen @aph-romania @aph-russia @aph-scoreway @aphantranio @aphhun @aphlud @aphneko @aphprussia @aphromano @aphtexts @arielkarasu @ask-lovifreakingvargas @bl-ossomed @bruhssia @criedwolves @dame-un-beso-tomate @dathamster @dens-nuts @didihime @doodle-booty @dorkdenmark @efficaciousicarus

f - j

@fiveandahalfmetre @flyingmintybunny​ @gelatokitty @goldensunflowerwitch @hetalia-finland @hetalianforever @heyletsstartaband @ivanswaginsky

k - o

@koalasprite @legendarisk @linmanuel @lluvela @lovinino @maplekiwicupcake @missameriko @mlgengland @mxkael @nekofrance @nescafes @netherlandsxspain @norgesass @norwayaph

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@preussen-invasion@romaohno@servant-of-spamano @shy-germany @smol-antonio @smorslutz @sp8cegays @spectredeflector @spoopyspaniard @straightestgay @swaginsky @technoranma @thatsthat24 @therealjacksepticeye @tralalayahoho @trans-sweden

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like any useless-country facts blog - @useless-spain-facts @venezianoh @veneziano @viria @you-tit @zed-muffins @ziashetalia