norton william


“5 movies that define me (part 6)”

1. Cruel Intentions (1999) dir. Roger Kumble

2. Wild Things (1998) dir. John McNaughton

3. Palo Alto (2013) dir. Gia Coppola

4. Fight Club (1999) dir. David Fincher

5. The Cabin in the Woods (2011) dir. Drew Goddard

The Signs as Bully Characters

Aries: Jimmy Hopkins

Taurus: Gord Vendome

Gemini: Gary Smith

Cancer: Pete Kowalski

Leo: Mandy Wiles

Virgo: Derby Harrington

Libra: Lola Lombardi

Scorpio: Edgar Munsen

Sagittarius: Norton Williams

Capricorn: Bif Taylor

Aquarius: Ted Thompson

Pisces: Trent Northwick


I think that after you killed the cat and threw it into the yard, my man, you climbed up  here  and  waited.  I  think  you  watched  the  children  and  passed  the  time  whittling  and  dreaming.  When  night  came,  you  saw  them  passing  their  bright  windows  and you  watched  the  shades  go  down,  and  you  saw  the  lights  go out  one  by  one.  And  after  a  while  you  climbed  down  and  went  in  to  them.  Didn’t  you?  It  wouldn’t  be  too  hard  a  climb straight  down  from  the  big  limb  with  a  flashlight  and  the bright  moon  rising.

- Thomas Harris, Red Dragon

Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden.

~ T. S. Eliot

Painting: Psyche Opening The Door Into Cupid’s Garden by John William Waterhouse