northwest wins


To my family: Coming Out 🏳️‍🌈❤️

yo i think its real important for everyone to know that while northwest mansion mystery was a pacifica episode. like yes dipper was there and was a big part of it too, but the entire point of the episode was pacifica. let pacifica have her own development. let dipper have his own development. thats why the episode was so good, they both learned things from each other but the point was that they learned it. dipper did not save the day, pacifica did. pacifica faced her (probably) biggest fear and it doesnt exactly matter if it was ‘because of dipper’ the point is she did it. dont take this away from her.

Very simple colored sketch but okay, since I imagine Pacifica to be actually really smart despite the blonde rich girl stereotype she’s been following what if history was repeating itself and Pacifica went from the current enemy position to become— Ta-da! The next Fiddleford McGucket in a Mystery Trio sort of dealio with them! No seriously hear me out here. We know barely anything about her canonically. Most of it is just speculation, so what’s really the bad thing about her being really smart with both chemistry and robotics and what have you? She’s a Northwest, born to win, she has to be smart, so why not be good in these fields? She just doesn’t like getting her hands literally dirty. Besides if she gets crazy like Fiddles she’ll be the next Nathaniel Northwest. So whether you like her or not I guess it’s a win-win? You can get her being awesome and also get her as a sad old lady with “Whorethwest” spray-painted on her home’s door.