northwest tour

*Tour Announcement*

We’re super stoked to announced this banger! We’ll be headed your way soon with the Varsity boys! Check below to find out when we’ll be in your city!

Hey friends, just wanted to take a moment to pass along something really cool. During the MBMBaM Pacific Northwest tour, we worked with a group called Plus One, which helped us to donate a dollar from every ticket sold to a Huntington, WV domestic violence shelter called Branches. We just heard that the effort raised over $2200 for the shelter, which is being put towards a new roof. We just wanted you to know that if you came out to Portland, Seattle or Vancouver, you literally helped to put a roof over the head of people who really need it, and we think that’s pretty darn cool.


2013, for me:
What an amazing fucking year it has been. It’s crazy to think I’ve fit so much in in 12 months time. I feel like I’ve grown a lot.. A whole lot. Starting in….
• January - moved into a new apt in Sacramento that I loved
• March - Finally got out of an unhealthy 2+ year relationship
• April-June - Collected my thoughts and set plans
• July - Sold everything I owned, bought a backpack and stuffed it with bare essentials and was dropped off in downtown Seattle by my best bud Adam and started walking North, with no destination. It was the most amazing, liberating, and plain awesome feeling I’ve ever had. I spent over a month walking around the PNW, hopping from island to island, finally meeting someone who offered me a very good job. Saved money and met a lot of outstanding humans.
• September - Purchased a bike and left my job and friends to start a bike tour from Seattle-San Francisco down Hwy 101 and Hwy 1. I got injured from the bike tour in early October, so I made my way back towards Olympia, where I stayed for about two weeks, meeting again, fantastic people who took me in to their homes and treated me like family.. So cool. While in Olympia, (my first day actually), I got hit by a car and was almost completely uninjured, and got a 1700$ settlement, which supplied the rest of my trip and then some because I only had 30$ left at the time!! Made my way back to the coast, where I met two men who I feel I will know for a very long time, Peter and Patrick. Also met a woman who showed me that there are people who could actually care about and appreciate me.. The “hnng flower woman”..
• October - Landed in San Francisco, where I got my first tattoo to celebrate. Patrick and Peter continued their journeys, to Arizona and Peru, respectively.
•November - Moved back to Sacramento and to be honest, didn’t do much. Lived with my old friends and worked a little, trying to figure out what my next plan was.
• December - Moved to Mammoth Lakes, a ski resort situated in between Bishop and Yosemite. Plan on working here to save money and climb hard as much as possible, and travel to the east coast this upcoming spring and start this all over again. Also, I quit smoking cigarettes!

I spent my 21st year on this earth exploring, meeting, writing, laughing, playing pool (a lot), and learning a lot about myself. I have never felt so comfortable with dying as I am now. In a good way. I had so much fun it’s ridiculous. I can’t wait to do it all over again.
I hope you all have an awesome year. Get the fuck out there and see the world! There is so much to do!!!!


here’s a little compilation of our pacific northwest tour.

i know i say this so often, but i love you guys so much.

it aches in my body when i think about the fact that in the last few months alone, AKW, our art, my words are viable in that we can support ourselves as a band.

every month, we make enough from YOU buying our music, our t-shirts, our EPs and all else to keep this alive.

i, personally, can do what i love every single day because of it.

i don’t even think my clumsy, dangly body would even be here if it weren’t for you believing in me, is us, in this.

i want to swear that this is what life is about.

helping you help us help you.

something like that,

thank you.