northwest territories

While Canada May Seem Nice and Friendly;

You guys may remember seeing around that Stephen Harper was turned into a national hashtag after his comment on niqabs.

But that’s not all he’s done. While tumblr usually focuses on American news due to its large American population, let’s not forget the inuit people being starved in northern Canada, mainly Nunavut to my knowledge. 

Or the fact that Stephen Harper does not care about the countless Aboriginal women going missing or being murdered and thinks it is “not of national importance”

Or Bill C-51. which I have heard nothing about on here. Which is probably putting our freedom of speech at risk and disrespect our privacy as a whole.

Please pay attention to this, because Canadian issues need a signal boost, too.

“[He] was, after all, a serious photographer trying to capture a moment, perhaps not realizing that tripping the shutter captures nothing, that everything on the ground glass changes before the light hits the film plane. What the camera allows you to do is to invent, to create. That’s really what photographs are. Not records of moments, but rather imaginative acts.”

- Thomas King, The Truth about Stories

Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada