northwest hipster

It’s been years since I’ve climbed Mt. Rainer, yet I can still close my eyes and describe how beautiful the Pacific Northwest was from those heights. So, if you’re going to love a writer, don’t dwell on past words. We’ve all got mountains behind us. That doesn’t mean we aren’t ready to climb a new one with you.
—  Michael James


Just posted my first ever youtube video! its a quick edit I made when its started snowing earler this past December. This is more of a prologue to my channel as i’ll be posting more content in the coming months. Let me know what you guys think and what you guys would like to see. Still got a whole lot to learn and i’m stoked to see where this whole youtube thing takes me but for now i’ll still be focusing primarily in Photography.

Song by: Bonjr -It’s Ok, You’re Ok


in which mabel and pacifica exchange mixtapes

mabel to pacifica ♥

// she changes the weather / swim deep // crown on the ground / sleigh bells // take me out / franz ferdinand // sun / two door cinema club // compliment your soul / dan croll // dreamers / savoir adore // planet claire / the b-52′s // swimmer / caroline // ghost train / summer camp // brightest hour / the submarines // meteor shower / owl city //

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♥ pacifica to mabel ♥ 

// atomic love / borns // dilly / band of horses // surfacing / chapel club // sweater weather / the neighborhood // springtime / the head and the heart // summertime / the head and the heart // went away / the maccabees // polish girl / neon indian // under the milky way / the church // concerning the u.f.o. sighting near highland, illinois / sufjan stevens // shooting stars / bag raiders //

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