The York Helmet from the 9th Century on display at the Yorkshire Museum

This type of helmet is one of the few surviving examples in Europe. It is thought to be made for a member of Eoforwic’s Anglian royal family. The mans name, Oshere, is inscribed above the intricately-cast nose guard. On the writing reads “In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God; and to all we say amen Oshere”

The helmet was found carefully buried in a wood-lined pit in Coppergate and is thought to be buried by the man himself perhaps after he retired.


Chapter One
Ivar Ragnarsson X Reader
Hvitserk Ragnarsson X Reader

You’re a Northumbrian girl with ancestors that were vikings. You’d learnt Norse as you learnt English, but told to keep it a secret. Your parents loved the Norse side of your family from your father and taught you the gods they believed in. You didn’t believe in the Christian God and never lost your Viking Gods. Meaning that you had to pretend to not be that religious. But being un-religious made you the weird one of your town. People would stare at you in almost disbelief. They couldn’t understand how a ‘Christian’ child could be so sacrilegious. Well, you were supposed to be a Christian child but realistically it was just so your family weren’t ridiculed.

Northumbria on the whole was boring for a woman. You hated everyone in your town and your family weren’t around either so it was so boring. At the age of seventeen you didn’t really see any opportunities for yourself and you longed to be a Viking. To be a shield maiden was your ultimate goal, but you had to escape the more conservative land of England first. You also didn’t want to go with anyone because they’d stop you from going. But your plan didn’t really get into action because the Norsemen reached you first.

They burst into the church where you were at the back, laying down on one of the benches because you didn’t care for stories from the Bible. When you heard the Norsemen speaking, it was like a calling from Odin. He was willing you to speak with them. There were old men, a few Middle Aged ones and women. Then one young man who had blue eyes.

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World History: Einhard

Einhard (c. 775 – March 14, 840 AD) was a Frankish scholar and courtier. Einhard was a dedicated servant of Charlemagne and his son Louis the Pious. He was accepted into the hugely wealthy court of Charlemagne around 791 or 792. Charlemagne actively sought to amass scholarly men around him and established a royal school led by the Northumbrian scholar Alcuin. Einhard evidently was a talented builder and construction manager, because Charlemagne put him in charge of the completion of several palace complexes including Aachen and Ingelheim. His main work is a biography of Charlemagne, the Vita Karoli Magni, “one of the most precious literary bequests of the early Middle Ages.” [x]


Danes, Picts and Northumbrians. Playable cultures on The Great Whale Road, a game by Sunburned Games.

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thetreesarefullofstarlight  asked:

Hello! Just saw your Old English post and wondered if you've done much on Old Scots? I'm doing an assignment just now on Old Scots poetry and just wondered if it's something you have interest/knowledge in too!

hi! I do have the interest, but unfortunately, not the knowledge. Although, I suppose, since it’s actually evolved from the Northumbrian dialect of Old English… I definitely want to get into Old Scots, well, Scots in general, at some point, it’s just a matter of finding the (right) time.

Battle of Athelstaneford

Tradition relates that in AD 832 the king of the Picts, ‘Aengus MacFergus’, with the support of 'Scots’ from Dalriada, won a great battle against King Athelstane of the Northumbrians. The site of the legendary battle became known as Athelstaneford in present-day East Lothian.

It is said that before the battle, King Aengus dreamt of St Andrew bearing his Saltire cross. According to the legend, during the battle Aengus saw a cross of white clouds against a blue sky.

The Picts and Scots won the battle. The Saltire - a white diagonal cross on a blue background - became the flag of Scotland and St Andrew was adopted as Scotland’s patron saint.

The Scottish Flag Heritage Centre in Athelstaneford, near Haddington in East Lothian, tells the story of King Aengus and the Battle.

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Is there a hinny fic you can recommend where Harry's auror, Ginnys a quidditch star and there is a major threat to the safety of Harry's family? It would be awesome if you know of any like that xx

How about  Hunters and Prey by Northumbrian? It meets all your parameters…ish.