I’ve been following Occupy Oakland pretty closely on twitter via northoaklandnow.  I understand that the Occupy Movement as a whole is just a protest, it won’t make all the change it wants happen. But I am fascinated by it. I think that as college students in Reno, we just don’t understand the magnitude of what is going on. Being there (Oakland or Wallstreet) would give us another perspective. These people are not just protesting taxes, though that is the typical route that Americans take (why do you think the American Revolution was started?), the Oakland Occupiers are protesting school closures. Oakland is closing five public schools, and that isn’t okay. When you look at something from only one perspective, you won’t be able to understand it. Looking at the Occupy movement as just some people complaining about how the system is run makes it look like the change they want is only in how the government works. People looking on from the outside need to look at everything that the protesters would like to change. Because even when not everything gets changed, some things will. The Oakland School Board is saying that at the next school board meeting they will recognize the protesters. They might be able to change the school closures, which is more than they’d do if they sat at home and watched Occupy Wallstreet on TV. Instead, they’re occupying their own town for their own change