northland wonders

Beginning to Believe

It was a hot night, and Fiontan finally finished his midnight walk around the castle walls, and began making his way to his room. “That’s strange,” Fin said aloud, as he noticed how cold it began to feel, even though its suppose to be a kingdom of fire. He finally reached the library, with just a few more room left till he reached his wonderful bed, then something caught his eye. A book on a shelf he has never seen. there were thousands upon thousands of books in the library, but he knew he’s never seen this one, mainly because of the red and gold bow wrapped around it. he grabbed the book and read it while walking. the book told of a jolly old man, whose life was spent bringing presents to children all over the world… but on a totally different world than this one, “sounds like a cool guy, to bad he is just a tale.” Fin reached his room and threw the book on a shelf and jumped into bed. *smack* he hit his head on a box under his pillow. Fin opened the box and inside was a slip of paper that read, “Believe.” He looked up to see it beginning to snow in his own room! “okay… I believe.”