northland camp

Northland, NZ, New Year’s Day.


Despite the weather, Christmastime in London is magical. I miss my family, but it’s not until the following week that I really miss New Zealand itself. My first New Year’s day in the UK was one of the only ones I’d ever spent away from the beach. My first teenage kiss was on the sand on New Year’s Eve. The following December, some friends and I parked by the side of the road to sleep after a music festival, and when I awoke and climbed a dune I discovered a stretch of deserted, unblemished coastline where I sat and watched the sunrise. Another year, we dragged a xmas tree through pitch dark along the black sands of Bethells to make a campfire. Beaches and the New Year’s holiday are indivisible to me. So for anyone else who feels like escaping there cinematically, here are a few films which showcase New Zealand’s coastline: THE PIANO, WHALERIDER, PRINCE CASPIAN, THE WORLD’S FASTEST INDIAN, KING KONG, THE END OF THE GOLDEN WEATHER, TRACKER, RAIN (plus some architectural short films: EYRIE, UNDER POHUTAKAWA, KARE KARE HOUSE.)