D(r)eadlines? What??

Despite the number of deadlines coming up in the next couple of weeks before the mid-session break, I decided that I could allow myself the weekend off to do a bit of much needed shopping.
I had spent the previous night watching a number of youtube reviews and reading online comparisons between a number of specs for bridge cameras (an intermediate between digital cameras and SLRs - from what I understand).
I finally decided to go with the canon sx50, the 50x optical zoom and the ability to capture RAW images and videos were two of the main deciding factors as well as the great ISO range. (I’m very much a beginner with all this stuff but through my research I did manage to pick up a few things…)
After my purchase I treated myself to a coffee as I checked that the contents were okay (and also because I was too excited to wait for the 10 minute walk home - if that!)

After a browse through a shop and begrudgingly spending more money on mundane things such as toiletries I decided to check that I still had my receipt with me, I would need it for my warranty and the $50 cashback claim that I had yet to make and besides, I couldn’t have possibly lost it in that small timeframe right? WRONG.

Ater a frantic rummage through my bag and wallet numerous times I retraced my steps to the coffee store - turns out I had left it there, and they had thrown it in the bin. The poor barista then proceeded to reach INTO the bin and retrieve them for me (still in good condition might I add).
Faith. In. Humanity. RESTORED.

The next day I went to the beach with a flatmate where we enjoyed the beautiful weather and I got to play with my new toy, here are a few pictures I took - i’m definitely looking forward to taking more serious pictures and learning how to use a few of the many complicated settings and features that this camera has!

It was great to get out as I’ve recently had a lot on my mind with a few things getting me down (deep..I know.) so it was very therapeutic and much needed.
But anyways, before I finish with a mini “reel” of pictures I wanted to point out this first one - notice the white blobs that are  seagulls….?

This is them after the zoom (and still with a little more to give)!

abeit the bird on the upper half is slightly blurred but that was more my fault of being too hasty..


November 18, 2012

Living in a small town, your options of partying and going out sometime get pretty limited. Coming from a big city, it was a fun experience to see how these small town folk get down. Sunday in a town about thirty minutes north called Wollongong, is a Sunday all day event at a place called Northgong. It is kind of like Sunday Funday where you  just go to hang out and have beers and foods til 10pm.

This Sunday, the guys wants to check it out so we all got dressed, arranged drivers and headed out. It was pretty cool because we had four boys and four girls. I rode in the car with the girls and pre drank on the way. I felt pretty classy with my bottle of white wine, guzzling as we drove. Here is oz they tell me that the cops are super strict about drinking and driving. As soon as a cop pulls you over, they will give you a breath test immediately even if it is in the day time and getting a ticket for having alcohol in your blood while driving here is no joke so everyone is really careful about it. This day we had Ange and Jack driving since they were only going to have a drink (I believe you are allotted two drinks before you’ll go over the limit). Another thing that was new to me here, is that alcoholic drinks have different degrees of alcohol level. You can get a light beer meaning its less in alcohol so you won’t get as intoxicated but still feel social with having a drink. Interesting ay?

When we arrived there, the girls were already pretty buzzed. The setup of Northgong is there is an inside section with an area to order food and bar as well as tables to sit and small area to dance and then there is a much bigger outside section that looks like a big porch with picnic tables and chairs. It was getting closer to night fall and getting chillier but the evening was just beginning.

The vibe all night was really good and welcoming. Everyone in our group was having a good time and even dancing. I got to the point where I was pretty buzzed and would dance at a drop of a hat. The girls are so funny, they kept complimenting me on my dancing and said that I needed to teach all of them. I’m really nothing special but it was pretty entertaining to try to teach simple steps while intoxicated, definitely added to a humorous night.