So there was AU talk. Video Game AU, which works basically like Kingdom Hearts. AKA: the main characters from everyone’s stories have to travel together, across dimensions, and work together to save the universe! There are side-quests that involve characters from OTHER stories, and the main villains are working together to cause trouble (or something…)

So why the 20s outfits? Well, we kinda decided that the HQ would be my character Agnes’ multidimensional bar. The bar has magic that changes your clothes as soon as you enter so that you fit in with the 20s atmosphere. SO YEAH. SWANKY SWAG HQ CLOTHES. Couldn’t resist drawing it first, ahahaha!

Characters from left to right: sir-grimmington’s Thresh, my Alias, magistelle’s Mammon, arternly’s Dora, and zombiedogdoes’s Dan.

i tend to lose myself - kinessie

so i actually wrote a fic for the first time in like two years, its short and slow and extremely self-indulgent, but i thought i owed you guys something after all the great support. so here we go, title is based on All Night by the Vamps

ao3 link


Kinessa was a real night owl, a trait she picked up from her youth that carried on through her life. Every night she found herself asleep at a different point in the early morning, not entirely through choice, the bounty hunter’s mind just seemed more active in those hours.

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Construction work, daycare and a little hash for sale. This photo and moment I can’t forget. I dreamed of a trip to this remote area near Tibet for many, many years and thought it wasn’t possible. 

It was the most northernly point one can go before needing a 500 USD$ permit to enter the Upper Mustang Valley.  This is as close as you can get to Tibet from Nepal. 

I parked my motorcycle in the village below this mountain and decided I had to take the opportunity to hike to the tiny stupa on top. I met these three friendly faces, took their photo and they then offered me some Hash. -Tiri Village, Upper Mustang, Nepal.