my family and i are from iran. ever since my parents moved to america, they called themselves ‘non practicing muslims’ and stopped praying, fasting, etc. so they could fit in more, even though we live in a very liberal town. for the past year, i’ve been thinking of going full muslim. i felt as if i’d be safe if i started actively practicing islam. i even started buying scarves to prepare and talking to my grandmother about the rules and daily tasks of a shia muslim.

and then the local police found nabra’s body in a lake half an hour away from my home. nabra herself lived 25 minutes away from my home. her murderer is being held in a facility 10 minutes away from my home. 

it’s a reminder for all muslims in liberal cities and accepting towns that, no matter what, we are never truly safe. every muslim in norther virginia no longer feels secure in their own home. to make matters worse, the police refuse to rule it a hate crime and cnn called it ‘road rage.’ the media is trying to mask blatant islamphobia and make it seem like a ‘wrong place, wrong time’ situation when we all KNOW that if nabra wasn’t a black child, she would be safe at home tonight.

may allah bless nabra hassanen and may she find peace.

  • Jon: I'm a fucking Targaryen?!? This is not good Dadvos, not good at all! The northern Lords won't tolerate a Targaryen leading them!
  • Ser Davos: There must be a way round this your Grace... perhaps an alliance through marriage to strengthen your northy-northerness?...Who's a prominent female figurehead of the North that has already been introduced to your plot so far? *starts pacing whilst thinking* hmmmm....
  • Jon: *paces along with Dadvos giving him glances every now and again willing him to connect the dots and read his mind*
  • Ser Davos: Oh! What about the Lady Sansa?!
  • Jon: *contains excitement* Do you- do you think that would work?
  • Ser Davos: Certainly your Grace. After all, you are but cousins now.
  • Jon: *feigns indifference* I'll consider it Dadvos, thank you.
  • Jon *internally*: YUSSSSSSS!!!

Woman Reading - Thailand 

The Tibeto-Burman ethnic minority group, the Kayan People, are native to Myanmar. During the 1980′s and early 1990′s, a number of tribes fled over the border to Norther Thailand to escape civil unrest. Among the groups that fled were the Kayan Lahwi, a group famous for wearing brass coils around their necks. The coils are almost never removed, usually only to replace with new coils. 

Girls start to wear the coils when they turn 5 years old. While the women are known as having “long necks”, it is actually an illusion. The weight of the brass weighs down on the womens collar bones, and compresses their rib cages. Therefore, their necks are not actually lengthened, it just appears so due to the deformation of their clavicle. 

Humans are amazing. It’s amazing that some people live in (extreme) heat all year round and still function as human beings and don’t even seem to be bothered by the heat when my weak Nordic body shuts down at 25°c/77°f. But the reverse is true as well. There’s ice shards flying at my face? Oh a normal Tuesday. Put a southerner here and they’ll freeze before I need to put a jacket on.

I’m white as a sheet of paper because I don’t see the sun for 8months a year, my body has adapted so that I can drink milk even in adulthood, which isn’t something universal as I thought it was during my childhood. I need to take D-vitamins during the winter because there’s no other way for me to get them and if I don’t my bones turn into dust. When it’s summer I eat half a cucumber a day and feel full. When it’s winter I’ll need food almost constantly to keep a moderate body temperature.

Southern people amaze me. No seriously. I can’t fathom wearing sleeves and long pants in temps over 20°c. I’ll boil. Southern people don’t? They just keep on going as if the air wasn’t boiling around them? What. They’ve adapted as much as the northers have.

Humans are amazing.

Sleep - pt 15

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“Your roommate, Park Jimin…he’s gotten close to her fairly quickly.”

“I guess she kind of had to. I’m glad she trusts him. I hope she can make a lot of friends.”

“He makes her feel safe just like you do. She’ll make friends that way, only befriending those who make her feel safe and comfortable. Those she knows she won’t have conflict with.”

“How would she know that?”

“That’s precisely the problem. She will think she knows who but she can never be sure, so the people she’ll bring to befriend might be people she can get along with just fine, but she might not trust them as she does with you and Jimin.”

“I see…”

“And how are things between you two?”

“Good. Actually I wanted to ask you what kind of signs I should look out for. Just to remind myself. She’s been home for a while now and I know I always have to watch her.”

“Well from my sessions with her it seems like she’s very content, very happy. If she does something careless or is too careful of her actions, that could be a sign that something’s bothering her. If she’s being more needy, or wants to be alone for a long time without explanation. There has to be a balance in her behavior and actions, you understand? You should continue to monitor her sleep and diet. Look out for any irrational ideas or worries. That’s pretty much it.”

“She’s always needy.” Hoseok chuckled.

“Her nightmares are unusual so it is crucial that you keep on eye on that. That’s the only thing that really worries me. I think Jimin would be a huge help to her when it comes to this because she mentioned that he dealt with vivid dreams too before. She feels like she can relate to him on this a bit more.”

“I’ll mention that to him.”


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