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Hey there;) I've recently become intrigued with Tig (and Kim), which season do u recommend me check out first?

*rubs grubby little hands together* Oh northernbluetwo, did you ever come to the right place!

When it comes to Tig/SOA…you really do have to watch from the start, because his overall character development can only be fully appreciated if you watch from the very beginning. He’s a pretty big asshole at first, you’ll probably hate him, but if you manage to make it through season two without falling hopelessly in love with him, you’re stronger than me hahaha!

If you want to see Kim flexing his acting chops outside of the show. I highly recommend checking out King Of Sorrow, Harmony Cats, Lethal Tender, his six minute stint in Waterworld, Ferocious and most recently A Fighting Man. Also his skits for Funny or Die are hilarious and show that he should be doing comedy already!

Also check out the blog I co-run Kim Coates Movie Collective (contains spoilers) we have about ninety-seven percent of everything he’s ever been in and are slowly trying to document it all so Kim fans know which movies to hunt down first, as sadly the best ones are usually the hardest to find.

Hope you enjoy! Be warned, he’s a got a nasty habit of hooking you in big time haha!

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Even when he called Gemma to tell her he confessed, he wasn’t smug about it. And this is the woman who tried to kill him. It seemed more like he was warning her that Jax is coming.

I wow had totally forgotten that. What an intense episode.

But, yeah, I 100% agree. He was just like, “Here’s what’s happening. You should know so you have a chance to either clear out or face the music.” He wasn’t rubbing it in or feeling sorry for himself.

Again. Don’t ever call Juice Ortiz a coward. I don’t think that means what you think that means.

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robert would totally come up with ridiculous terms of endearments just to embarrass him. and of course, aaron would tell him to 'stfu' or flip him off. #WhyCantThisBeReal

omg yass but i also love love lVOE the thought of them having a unspoken competition of who can make up the most ridiculous pet name

it goes on for so long and becomes so casual for them and one day robert is kissing aaron goodbye after lunch at the woolpack with a ‘bye hubby-boo muffin-top’ and aaron replies with a ‘see ya pookieboo snugglebutt’ and chas is standing behind the bar all ???????

northernbluetwo replied to your post:Okay, so…I know Tara’s death is super…

I guess they killed Roosevelt because The Mentalist was renewed and Rockmond was a regular on it.

Yep, no doubt. But that’s no excuse for not following through with the impact of a sheriff’s death. I mean, if he wanted out, he could have left town, or not been killed at Tara’s murder scene. To kill him how Sutter did should have some serious implications to the story, none of which are being acknowledged. I mean, how the hell is there not a man hunt for his killer? And Jarry, she couldn’t be less bothered about it if she tried. It feels like such a cop out (pardon the pun haha!)