Kokoshnik is a traditional Russian headdress worn by women and girls to accompany the sarafan, primarily worn in the northern regions of Russia in the 16th to 19th centuries.

Кокошник -  (от слав. «кокош», обозначавшего курицу и петуха,старинный русский головной убор в виде гребня (опахала, полумесяца или округлого щита) вокруг головы, символ русского традиционного костюма.

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occurs in the far Northern Hemisphere, north of the taiga belt. The word “tundra” usually refers only to the areas where the subsoil is permafrost, or permanently frozen soil. Permafrost tundra includes vast areas of northern Russia and Canada. Arctic tundra contains areas of stark landscape and is frozen for much of the year. 


Children of the Tundra (RT Documentary)  People living in the tundra are accustomed to a nomadic life. Tents are their homes, food is basic, and the deer is king. They don’t watch TV or use the Internet. However, their children do go to boarding schools, but not all parents are in favor of them. Find out more about life and education out on the tundra on RT.

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aria: from solo to duet - how “stay close to me” became yuuri’s exhibition program, and how a solo became a duet. yuuri never planned this, but somehow their hands always found each other’s.

live with a man who knows you -  victor has spent nearly his entire life being cold, from being born in the dead of winter through growing up in northern russia to deciding to dedicate his life to ice rinks. he’s never thought much of the cold—until spends enough time feeling warm. (or: adjusting to domestic life in st. petersburg, the fanfic)

like a design - at twenty-five years old, yuuri katsuki makes his first olympic team. this comes with its own set of responsibilities and questions, and a three-time olympian husband only might be prepared to handle them. or, in regards to love: tramp stamp tattoos. you read that right.

pictures - in which victor likes picture of yuuri.

if it’s gold - yuuri makes sure victor knows that he is golden.

sing me like a choir - the post-episode 7 fic i never wrote, when yuuri and victor finally find themselves alone. there are conversations to be had in touches instead of words, on lips and tongues that say nothing at all.

SPN 12x21, Eileen, and how it doesn’t make any sense

Wow. Just wow. I am still sitting, and going ‘wow!’

I am totally blown away by what happened in the last episode. I am completely blown away by Eileen’s demise. I am also completely blown away how not one piece of this part of the narrative made ANY SENSE AT AT ALL.

I sat down to write everything what was going on in my head since yesterday, because I am a logical person, and since the pieces didn’t fit, I was getting angry. Okay, here come all the pieces, and maybe some sense will follow.

Puzzles that need to fit, and don’t:

1) In the previous episode the screen in the BmoL HQ said that Eileen’s last known location was 64.23.08 N - we were once again shown it in the ‘then’ section of the episode last night. I checked it. This is not Ireland. It’s not even the UK. It’s either Alaska, Reykjavik, Northern Canada, Norway or Northern Russia. Also (drums) the tracker was updated 09:26:03 the same day Mary saw it. We don’t know how long it has been since the showdown with Ketch, Dean hearing the voicemail, and Sam getting info about Eileens death, but I assume not more than a few hours. There is no way Eileen could have been running through the woods in South Carolina the same day, when her last known satelite location was by the Polar Circle. Either the Brits don’t trust their own location system (why else would Ketch go to the South when system says Eileen is in the North?), or Eileen was being transported somewhere else in the world while Ketch was playing with the hellhound. As somebody pointed out, the shortest route to Kansas does not go through South Carolina’s woodland (it goes through Oz, but that’s for another time). 

2) The point above really just says it all, but I will note down other stuff. Like the fact that the same screen says “contact”, and the location “in transit” by Eileen’s name, while with Garth it says “no contact - werewolf protocol”. Eileen was supposed to be contacted, probably interrogated, before she was to be executed. What we see in the episode, however, is a girl being hunted like an animal. Ketch is a perfect soldier, he wouldn’t ignore the procedures just to have some fun torturing his victim (as much as he’d like to).

3) Yeah, what’s with that, too? Eileen is deaf - she doen’t hear the hellhound chasing her. Hellhounds are invisible - she doesn’t see it either. WHY IS SHE RUNNING??? Either Ketch grabbed her, brought her to another state, told her that he gives her a head start (just to torture her), and then set out a hellhound on her in the woods, OR IT ISN’T EILEEN. Also, if the hound caught up with her (and that’s how she found out something was after her), she would never manage to get up and run away this far. Remember Dean and Jo? Hellhounds are VICIOUS, THERE IS BLOOD, THERE IS TORN SKIN. There was not much left of Dean after the hellhound. Eileen dies of a broken neck, after being thrown around like a puppet for a little bit. No blood.

4) The letter. That damn letter. The language in it (”girly”? This is the blunt, sarcastic hunter we saw before?), the snail mail (don’t tell me Eileen the hunter who’d hunted her whole life didn’t know how to get a burner phone, or a fake, one-time e-mail address)(plus, if the Brits were watching her, they would know she’d arrive at the bunker, e-mail or no e-mail. It would make sense if she gave the boys some hints where she is, to come to HER, to the place where she’s laying low. But not to ask whether she could come to their place! Just pull a Charlie, and come! What was she expecting, a telepathic answer with an official invitation?) So yeah, the letter doesn’t make sense. But hey, who did we see just one episode back, who likes to write letters signed by the missing people? Oh yes, mr Arthur Ketch himself. Mick wrote a lot of e-mails from behind the veil. This seems to be Ketch’s MO. 

5) The letter reminded me also how Charlie left the boys an e-mail from beyond, and if they actually did pull EN EXACT COPY OF THE DARK DYNASTY, complete with the “looking for bodies in the bathroom”-wink, an unnecessary female death, hints in a dead girls letter, and the male protagonists story being pushed forward, I’LL BE SO PISSED. But-

6) This season has been about things happening in the same way as in the past, with different results. So maybe, just maybe - this is not all what is seems.

Thank you for your time. I needed to make a bit of sense of this part. I feel better now.

The Evenks (also spelled Ewenki or Evenki) (autonym: Эвэнкил Evenkil; Russian: Эвенки Evenki; Chinese: 鄂温克族 Èwēnkè Zú; formerly known as Tungus or Tunguz; Mongolian: Хамниган Khamnigan) are a Tungusic people of Northern Asia. In Russia, the Evenks are recognized as one of the Indigenous peoples of the Russian North. In China, the Evenki form one of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by the People’s Republic of China. There are also 535 Mongolized Evenki in Mongolia, referred to as Khamnigan.
Europe's oldest pagans: the deep forest life of Mari people – in pictures
Ikuru Kuwajima photographed the Mari El republic in Russia over the course of the year, speaking to locals about witchcraft and paranormal activity

Read, Be Smart, Be Human.

The modern internet-bazaar mediated an unfathomable amount of human interaction compared to everything that previously existed in our history. This meeting place of different ideas lifted the veil of ignorance from our tribal mythological mindsets. As a consequence we’re seeing ourselves as never before, the strange and different men and women from other cultures are starting to appear.. human, like us. And it’s not that “we begin to see our rights”, but we see that we transcend the concept all together.. We are Nature, we don’t need “rights” to be given by anybody! We cannot be kept on “private land” anymore, at the landowner’s discretion and whims. We begin to see that we are IT, we are the land, we are the sky.. Albeit worn out, the figurative “waking up” is exactly what’s happening to us.

This internet-bazaar is also the greatest tool of social data gathering. Opinion polls, search engines, statistics, they show the temperature of humanity in perfect detail and in real time. But this is not a “mirror” in which society could see itself and profit, building confidence at its beautiful features, harmonise its movements or able to correct its bad posture. This is a secret private keyhole through which a select few have discretionary access. Once ago the ones that knew the ocean currents and the trade winds were able to exploit them to great benefit, but today the greatest energetic flow to be taken advantage of is that of human mind. Just look around you, the whole surface of the earth was reshaped by abstract mind like no other geological force ever did in such a short period of time. Humanity is like a great unconscious beast whose powerful movements are made use of by the tiniest of parasites. The sudden signs of awakening given off by the great beast, starting to see itself and see its potential to move for its own interest,have been promptly noted. And the parasites are having none of it!

Those who are at the top are as ignorant and savage as those that are at the very bottom. The latter from the lack of education, affection, food and constant malaise, and the former from the putrid environment of overindulgence mixed with the lack of moral fiber one develops from a detached life. Behind exclusive suits and ties.. just prosaic aggressive apes with an attitude, having this newly installed thing called “ego” driving them with perfect authority. And this makes them the most deranged clique of all, desperate for power, needing duality, self and “other”, needing subjects under their mighty boot. They only feel good in a primitive cast system. The biggest enemy of all such parasites is democracy, real democracy not “representative democracy” which proved itself to be the same old autocracy who at the end of a few revolutions decided to ditch its pompous attire for a casual outfit and blend in with the angry crowds. Consequently, the biggest enemy of all important decision-makers on this planet is a flourishing educated humankind!

Our current official and unofficial agencies of power are all having a vested interest in fractionating society and its means of coalescing, so that the pyramid of rule never gets dismantled and redistributed democratically (as any sane and modern society should be). They want to keep us apart and busy with fearing each-other.

How best can you break the wings of education, democracy and equality than parsing the human-cattle, inventing and nurturing tribal mindsets and conflicts among them. Russia is again in conflict with the US, England is rejecting the EU, China is menacing SE Asia and the US, tensions mount around the recently opened northern corridors between Canada, Russia, Norway and others, “terrorism” is used everywhere to take away the rights of citizens, restrict borders and heighten the means of surveillance. “What the fuck happened with humans?” one might ask..

Make no naive mistake, all these hostilities are NOT of the russian, american, syrian or european people. It’s the local parasites! And there are NO such things as uncalculated actions “done in anger” either. These are precise purposeful moves that have NOTHING to do with the interest of the people, nor the will of the people. Just as the former Cold War proved, “conflict” is the greatest excuse to control your own citizens! Conflict suits perfectly the establishments on either side, be they corporate-congress and communist party, military-industrial complex and the arabic state, or the fascists and oligarchs. Conflict blows their authority out of proportion! And while they indulge in greatly increased powers, the people on both sides are willingly renouncing their privileges, kissing the feet of their “protectors” for keeping away the dangerous.. people. Now, guess what the people on the other side are doing? War is how the biggest business on Earth gets made.

If we take the families of all those brave presidents, politicians, army generals and businessmen that provoke these high-cost conflicts, and put them in the frontline of pain and misery, would these conflicts still be “unavoidable”? Just think about the mighty triumphant Trump having to run with a rifle on the battlefield.. All US conflicts would turn into cooperation, or at least diplomatic settlements in a matter of weeks.

With the current sociologic, logistical, technological, computational, statistical, communicational, data-gathering means that Humanity has, the eradication of terrorism, poverty, illiteracy and political strife between nations would be a thing accomplished in decades. Alas.. this would be the nightmare of all parasites! Including those that guzzle on your back.

The politico-economic elites rode the wave of globalization exploiting everything they could out of it, at the expense of the populations who endured the lowering of wages, unemployment and other hardships, and now the same elites are preparing to ride the wave of anti-globalization.. again, extracting everything out of it at the expense of the people. 

It isn’t the world that’s gone crazy, it’s the elites who are playing desperate and deranged games, clinging to the primitive feudalism that guarantees their power. We are not identifying and fighting a certain “elite” here, we’re fighting the petty aggressive animal ignorance that manifests at the very top of humanity, in every structure of upmost decisional power, from politics to courts of international law, big business and religion.

With our modern scientific, technological and other cultural means we would be able to witness for the first time in history Humanity having sovereignty over itself. You can be part of that by just bringing your focus on it. Start with the interesting and informative talk in the link above.

Image: The New Yorker


Slavic Mythology - Rusalka

Rusalkain Slavic mythology, is the lake-dwelling soul of a child who died unbaptized or of a virgin who drowned. They appear in different forms depending on the region in which they dwell. Around the Danube River, where they are called vila, rusalki are beautiful, charming girls, dressed always in light robes of mist, singing sweet, bewitching songs to the passersby. The rusalki of northern Russia are ugly, unkempt, wicked, invariably naked, and always eager to ambush humans. All rusalki love to entice men—the vile to enchant them and the northern rusalki to torture them.

Russian Folklore Part 2: Domovoi, Leshy, Vodyanoi, Bannik

Russians believed that the world is full of spirits which live next to people, but can be very rarely seen by them. Usually, they were malicious creatures, but still they could help human beings and even protect them in dramatic situations. The spirits inhabited forests, lakes, fields and even houses, and if a person didn’t show respect or didn’t gain their favor by giving some things, they could get really angry, destroy the dwelling, kill the cattle or even murder him or her. 

Domovoi (домово́й) is a protective house spirit in Slavic folklore.

Traditionally, every house is said to have its own domovoi who lives either in the stove, under the threshold, in the cattle shed, or in the stables. The center of the house is also said to be their domain. The domovoi is seen as the home’s guardian, and if he is kept happy he maintains peace and order and rewards the household by helping with household chores and field work. To stay in his good graces, his family leaves him gifts such as milk, porridge, tobacco, bread, and salt.

If the family decided to move to a new place, they always asked the spirit to follow them. To make this transportation comfortable for the spirit, they offered him an old boot, where he could hide and thus come to a new house without any trouble.

Strange as it may appear, I have encountered a domovoi who lived in my relatives`s house. The house was old, ramshackle and rusty, so the family decided to move and started packing. The domovoi probably got angry and produced so much noise at night it was impossible to fall asleep, so they tried to propitiate him with milk and sweets and put a valenok (валенок – felt boot) near the the front door so the domovoi could hide there and be taken to a new place with. Believe me or not – it worked, the noise has stopped.

Leshy (ле́ший) is the spirit of the woodlands in Slavic folklore. It is a spirit who enjoys playing tricks on people, though when angered he can be treacherous. He is seldom seen, but his voice can be heard in the forest laughing, whistling, or singing.

All Slavs had great respect for forests, mountains and water. A leshy was something like the master of the forest. It was everywhere in the forest and did not like when someone entered into his dominion, but it never left the forest. If a human spied a leshy in the forest, it was most likely that he had lost his way. Folk tales told that to find his path again, he had to turn all his clothing inside-out.

Vodyanoi (водяной) is widely featured in folklore, because Russia is a country of rivers, lakes and seas, which were the main trade routes in times gone by. The cult of the vodyanoi was stronger in the northern part of Russia, close to the White Sea.

The rules of communication with a vodyanoi are simple. At night, any interactions with rivers and lakes were forbidden – be it fetching water, crossing or fishing. As for swimming, it was outlawed on big holidays, when many people were drunk; and it’s totally wrong to brag of your swimming skills and endurance at all times – the vodyanoi likes boasters most of all.

He doesn’t kill those who drown; he takes them to his realm to serve him forever. That is why victims of drowning were not buried at Orthodox cemeteries – it might upset vodyanoi and cause drought or hail.

Bannik (банник) is the bathhouse (banya) spirit in Slavic mythology. Do you remember my post about banya? There it is.

Because banya was seen as a potentially unclean and dangerous place, the bannik was perceived as a capricious, sometimes harmful, household spirit. An angry bannik could cause one to suffocate in the steam of the bathhouse or simply set banya on fire; women who bathed alone ran the risk of being spied on by the bannik as they undressed. As a result, Slavic peasants did not hang icons in the banya or wear crosses into the bath; they also avoided bathing singly or at night. When a child was born in the banya (a common occurrence), the mother and baby were watched carefully, to prevent the bannik from carrying away the infant.

To propitiate the bannik, peasants often left offerings of soap, water, and fir branches. Like most household spirits, the bannik could tell fortunes. Girls and young women would gather in the bathhouse to consult the bannik about the new year by allowing him to touch them from behind. A warm, soft touch foretold happiness; a cold, prickly touch was a warning of ill fortune.

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