Splash-In, Sunrise. by Gary McCormick
Via Flickr:
Sunrise at the annual Splash-in, Grand Marais,MI.

Michigan, where my soul feels at peace. Where I feel like I’ve danced in the sand on the dunes for thousands of years. Where the smell of the water is intoxicating. Forever with sand on my toes and wind mangled hair, sun kissed cheeks and exhausted legs from climbing the dunes. Bliss. I feel bliss. And leaving tomorrow is something I don’t want to do. 


Sorry for all the Michigan spam.. but I’m feeling very nostalgic for this beautiful place and I haven’t even moved yet. I’m very sad to be leaving, but I love my home state just as much and am excited to be going home too. But, I am really going to miss living right on Lake Huron, and I’m going to miss all the other amazing sights northern Michigan has to offer as well. I can’t wait to bring T back here when she’s older and show her the place she was born ❤