Snow Bird

Photograph by P. Vaudry, National Geographic Your Shot

During a milder February day in Alberta, Canada, Your Shot member P. Vaudry went for a hike along the Bow River in Fish Creek Provincial Park. “While walking through Hull’s Wood, I noticed this northern flicker in a tree. I approached, and the flicker remained still. To me, [it] was thoroughly enjoying the warmth of the sun, so much so that it didn’t seem to notice that I was there.”

A Northern Flicker bird carries an egg in its beak as it vacates a nest in a roadside signpost in Yellowstone Park. The birds had been chased out of their home by a European Starling couple. Photographer Chuck Courson says: The very moment I was set up and hit the focus button on my camera, a bird appeared in the hole. Much to my surprise and amazement, it was holding what appeared to be a ball in its mouth.

by Chuck Courson / Rex Features