The Witch of Charming

Requested by an Anon said:A crossover imagine where reader is a hunter in the Supernatural world who meets guys of SOA while doing a job in Charming.

AN: This is my first crossover, I hope you enjoy it!

I threw a few more things in my bag, before I zipped it close. Sam and Dean were somewhere down south on a hunt, clearing out a vamp nest. This was a witch out in northern California.

I could handle it on my own, I grabbed my bag leaving my bedroom. I grabbed my laptop from the library and headed towards the bunker garage. Grabbing a set of keys to one of the cars, I threw everything in the back seat.

Before I left I pulled out my phone and dialed Sam’s number. It went straight to voice mail. “Hey, I’m heading out to northern Cali to hunt a witch. It’s a little town called Charming. I’ll call you later. I love you guys!”

Sam and Dean were like my brothers, they’d given me a place to live when I had no where to go. Even thought they hated it, they’d trained me how to hunt. They both rather I be safely tucked away in the bunker, doing research, but they knew it wasn’t realistic,

That they couldn’t keep me locked up, so they had to train me, so I could protect myself. Then I just started going out with them, now five years later, I’d developed a name for myself as a hunter.


“Welcome to Charming…Our Name Says It All!” I smirked at the silly city limit sign. It couldn’t be all that “Charming”, if it had a witch reeking havoc on it’s residents.

I needed to find a hotel, get settled then go find the local police department and start investigating the murders. I checked into the Charming Inn, it wasn’t the worst place I’ve ever stayed at.

I sat down at the table, pulling out my laptop and notebook, reviewing my case notes and making some more.  

Three females found dead, in their homes:

1, All her teeth and her hair had fallen out.-Penelope Williams

2. One broke out in boils.-Grace Chapman

3. Fell down a flight of stairs  and broke her nose.-Beth Grover

That isn’t what killed them, all three of them died of a broken heart. The local authorities were saying it was just a coincidence, but I  knew better. It sounded like a hex.

All three women were involved with the motorcycle club the Sons of Anarchy, more importantly one man in particular; the President. Filip “Chibs” Teleford. I looked at  a picture of him, it was a mugshot.

He was nice looking in a bad boy sort of way. I continued to do my research, sitting up. Interesting, he was also linked with the Sheriff Althea Jarry. Mr, President got around, maybe someone didn’t care for his love em, and leave em’ ways.


I walked into the Charming Sheriff department flashing my FBI badge. “I’m Agent (Y/N) Branigan, I’m here to investigate the recent murders you’ve had, of the three women.”

“I’m Lieutenant Althea Jarry, you’re wasting your time.” The women glared at me.

I smiled at her. “I’d hate to report you for impeding my investigation, Sheriff. My boss and I think it could possibly be a serial killer.” The women actually huffed at me, and rolled her eyes. She Picked up her phone and dialed a number.

“Please make any and all records from the recent deaths of Penelope Williams, Grace Chapman, and Beth Grover available to Agent (Y/N) Branigan.” She hung up the phone. 

“Thank you.” I turned around leaving her office. My next stop was the morgue, because this bitch wasn’t going to help me.

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