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What a special night to be out on the ice watching the aurora flicker across the sky. I could still hear the beat of drums from the New Year’s Eve drum dance celebration in town. Happy New Year - I can’t wait to find out what 2016 has to offer. Tulit’a, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Southern Craters and Galaxies : The Henbury craters in the Northern Territory, Australia, planet Earth, are the scars of an impact over 4,000 years old. When an ancient meteorite fragmented into dozens of pieces, the largest made the 180 meter diameter crater whose weathered walls and floor are lit in the foreground of this southern hemisphere nightscape. The vertical panoramic view follows our magnificent Milky Way galaxy stretching above horizon, its rich central starfields cut by obscuring dust clouds. A glance along the galactic plane also reveals Alpha and Beta Centauri and the stars of the Southern Cross. Captured in the regions spectacular, dark skies, the Small Magellanic Cloud, satellite of the Milky Way, is the bright galaxy to the left. Not the lights of a nearby town, the visible glow on the horizon below it is the Large Magellanic Cloud rising. via NASA


LeninLover69 AKA PissPigGrandad AKA Brace Belden is alright! He, the YPG, and the YPJ assaulted the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. He is a socialist who joined the YPG to fight ISIS and help protect the people of Rojava, a confederate socialist territory in northern Syria that allies itself with the PKK in Turkey and other leftist groups in Iraq. Before the assault, his unit was under mortar fire, which he described as: “dipshit keeps missing”.

He was afraid that he was certainly going to die, but now he is alive and appears to be well. Solidarity with Comrade PissPigGrandad

ony Hisgett

SeguirAyers Rock from 40000ft

Our flight from Melbourne to Singapore went over the Northern Territories. The pilot made a slight turn and bank to gives us a view of Ayres rock and Lake Amadeus.

Uluru - Northern Territory, Australia 

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is Australia’s most famous natural landmark. Created over 600 million years ago, it once sat at the bottom of the sea, but now rises 348m above ground. The monolith is considered a sacred site to the native people of Australia.

Australian Army soldier Sergeant Dominic Hamon holds a crocodile, while Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers take a closer look during a wildlife demonstration as part of Exercise Kowari, at Larrakeyah Barracks in Darwin, Northern Territory, on 28 August 2016. Kowari is an Australian army-hosted survival skills exercise designed to increase defense cooperation between forces from the U.S., Australia and China.

Yesterday I read an article about how traveling to view the aurora was a disappointing experience. The author said that the northern lights don’t really move and that the bright colors are just a trick of the camera. I can see why aurora tourists may often be disappointed - the aurora is fickle and sometimes it is just a white fuzzy band of light along the horizon. And a DSLR and long exposures can help to amp up the visible light. But I feel so lucky to actually live in the north. Because if you spend enough time, and make sure to check the night sky often, you will see aurora that is amazing, exciting, and phenomenal. Last night the aurora was so bright that it was almost outshining the street lights. The pinks were clearly visible (without the long exposure of the camera) and the lights were absolutely flying across the sky - arcing, flickering, swirling and jumping from one location to the next. You have to be pretty lucky to see this kind of aurora if you travel to the north for only a few days - but believe me - it definitely does exist and it is worth the wait.

Tulit’a, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Percentage of Irish language speakers in Ireland in 2011.
The Irish language is of one the six Insular Celtic languages still spoken to this day (the others being Scottish Gaelic, Manx, Welsh, Cornish, and Breton). The Insular Celtic language family is part of the broader Celtic family of languages that were spoken across a vast area in Europe two thousand years ago.
It is estimated that over a hundred thousand people speak Irish as a native language in Ireland, with over a milion people speaking it as a second language with varying levels of fluency.
Even though Irish is recognized as the first official language of the Republic of Ireland, it is English that is almost exclusively used in politics, media, and daily affairs.
The map shows that the area where Irish is least spoken is Northern Ireland, a territory controlled by Great Britain.