northern sea otter

Taxidermy Tuesday, Northern Sea Otters. Putting the finishing touches on the Northern Sea Otter diorama. 

© The Field Museum, Z86356.

Frank Wonder artist preparator with brushes and paint working on the background painting for Northern Sea Otter from Aleutian Islands group Diorama. Carnivora Mustelidae Enhydra lutris. Specimen numbers 78762, 78763, 78764.

8x10 negative 


The Shedd Aquarium today announced the name of their insanely adorable otter pup, Luna. 

We here at the Field Museum have some extreme Otter Envy of our neighbors. 

There have been many hallway conversations about smooshing, squishing, and snuggling that little ball of fluff, that end a bit higher pitched than they started. 

© The Field Museum, Z86271.

Completed Northern Sea Otter. Carnivora Mustelidae Enhydra lutris Pre-installation into diorama. Specimen numbers 78762, 78763, 78764.

5x7 negative