northern redneck

You know you live in a redneck town when..

You pull up to that beat up old gas station in town with like 2 pumps (or 2 functioning ones) and before you have even paid gas starts spraying all over the place from the nozzle so some redneck kid pulls up in his lifted Ford F-250 rust bucket with the bumper falling off with his gf (that I knew from school) and I’m like wtf it’s spraying everywhere and he’s like “well fuck it, run it! Extra gas! Put that bitch in there!” And I’m laughing like omg this town and they hop in the truck and he just yells “yee yee! Revs the engine and spins out with the confederate flag flapping on the back of his truck.. Gosh I love this town 😂


Fuck yes! Northern rednecks