northern racists

there is a book to be written about the history of white interest groups using black people as political pawns in america

the problem i think is that there is basically no audience for such a book because so much of it would be politically incorrect

nobody wants to hear about northern racists who used slavery as a wedge issue to politically weaken the south for their own economic and ideological interests, or who who wanted their territory to be a “free state” rather than a slave state solely because they didn’t want to share their land with blacks or have competition for their labor

likewise about the current use by the ideological left of black people to advance their own ideological and political agenda, as well as to disassociate themselves from racism

so much of white rhetoric and even policy regarding black people is not about those black people at all but about the interests of those white people who are publicly engaging in their alleged do-gooderism

the worst of them were cynical exploiters of black people for their own interests, and the “good guys” by and large merely want to assuage their guilt and demonstrate that they are the “good” whites

that book would not want to be read by basically any segment of mainstream politics, which would have strong ideological bias against whole parts of it which would be strong enough to cancel out the parts they were inclined to accept

just a note on the irish and the n word in light of the whole gerry adams controversy and the fact that a lot of people are backing him up… like, can we not please? can the republican movement not just side-eye adams, shake our collective head and appreciate that the level to which members of the movement are comfortable with comparing the irish struggle to racial struggles is a bit too comfortable? yes, the irish struggle has a long and proud history of being involved in internationalist activism against racism and anti-colonialism, including gerry adams. and the irish have suffered at the ends of colonialism and ethnic discrimination. people aren’t idiots, they can quite clearly see where the solidarity lies between the irish and oppressed groups around the world. people understand that there are degrees of social relation between (and in this specific case) african americans and the irish republican movement. but having similar experiences, similar ideaologies and similar goals does not make them the same goddamn thing. and it doesn’t mean you should use oppressive language and apply it to yourself.

racial language is used specifically to degrade and dehumanise people based on their race, it is not an interchangable reference to being discriminated against full stop. and as comrades we should respect that. the irish were referred to in the past as “the niggers of europe”. why? because it was supposed to be an insult to the irish to be compared to black people. it’s not a word for us to relcaim or subvert, even in solidarity. what’s worse is like… is everyone ignoring that racism is massive in ireland and within irish republicanism? god knows i’ll never claim them as part of my movement, but we had the fucking blueshirts - literal fascists. the romanian immigrants in the north are treating like rats, POCs and immigrants within our communities can relay countless stories of racial abuse from the irish… the irish are not immune from being racist because we’ve faced anti-imperialist and anti-colonial struggles or because a lot of our political ideology is theoretically anti-racist. there is absolutely no onus on any person who has heard that word directed at them to look beyond the harm that that language creates because it’s coming from a left-wing ideology. casual and ironic racism are still racism and when it’s a massive issue within our communities, we absolutely do not have the authority to tell people they shouldn’t be offended by our language.

and i mean, i get it, gerry adams has been very active in anti-racist struggles. even just look at his commitment to the anc, but thats what makes it even fucking stranger. “i have never seen myself as white”, cop on lad, you’ve been party to many a discussion from black activists around the world about systemic racism and the role colour plays in people’s lives. people defending this position are busting all my blood vessels, i swear to christ. at what point did we become to removed from reality that we got this pretentious? either that or it’s just the world’s most spectacular (failed) attempt at digging yourself out of a hole. jesus, it must be with that fucking “ballymurphy should be offended if anyone” line.

the irish struggle is the source of an experience-driven ideology that allows us to empathise with oppressed peoples around the world. it allows us to see the damage of elitist thought and of dehumanising people. there’s absolutely no problem with relating that to connect with african americans, the issue here is fucking tact. back when bernadette devlin toured the US, she spoke about meeting various groups, mostly groups facing racial discrimination, and she explained where irish loyalties should lie in, what i imagine, the same way gerry was trying to.

and like… do you see the difference? the respect levels between the two comparisons are crazy. african americans who did and do face racial abuse constantly are owed our solidarity. but on top of that, they’re owed our respect, they deserve for us to not squash up their history and throw it in a blender with our own, they deserve for their struggles to be acknowledged as unique and they deserve for us to treat them with enough admiration not to resort to using derogatory terms specific to them for shock value to make a point.

god i hate watching americans split hairs over whether or not brexit and post-brexit hate incidents collectively qualify as racism or xenophobia

all of it is based on racism. in europe people do not make distinctions between someone’s ethnicity and their race, and many racist northern europeans literally consider eastern europeans such as slavs, romanians, albanians, etc. to be a separate race from “real” white people. many of these people also hate southern europeans such as italians and greeks for the same reason

you could accurately characterize these hate incidents as racism and xenophobia but claiming that it’s technically “only” xenophobia is flat-out wrong