northern pond

Robb Stark Request

ooh, since you like prompts, i have two that ive been DYING to see used with a Robb x reader imagine. if you’re interested, here they are: “I know this hurts, but you have to stay awake.” "Who did this to you?” you can take this wherever you want, just have fun with it ^.^

You sat on top of your horse as it took a break and grazed. “What a nice day for a ride,” Robb said getting off his horse and looking over the land.

“It’s perfect out.” The two of you went out for a ride to pass the time in your empty day, a luxury that you two didn’t get much. “Hey,” an idea came to mind, “you know what would make this day even better?”

“What,” your betrothed grinned curiously.

“Race you to the Northern pond,” you yelled and whipped the reins on your horse, taking off into the forest.

“Y/N,” you heard him yell after you but you were too excited and kept going. You reached the Northern pond minutes later and hopped off your horse, tying her reins around a tree, and walking to the side of the pond.

You looked into the clear water and picked some of the frost flowers that grew around it when a voice came out from behind one of the trees. “What’s someone like you doing out here alone?” You turned quickly and saw a man coming out from the trees. You could tell right away that he was a Wildling.

“I’m not alone. I’m accompanied with Lord Stark’s heir. He’s right behind me,” you nervously stuttered.

The man looked around, “I don’t see him. How about I keep you company while you wait for him,” he brought a knife out from one of his pockets.

“I don’t want any trouble,” you put your hands up and backed up. “I really mean it, Robb will be here any minute. I’m a Lady, if you let me live I can pay you,” you tried to bargain. He kept coming towards you until he knocked you over and held the knife against your throat. Before he could do anything more the sounds of a horse trotting towards you came out of the forest.

“You really have someone coming,” the man stood up and looked into the forest.

“Robb,” you screamed, which the man did not like.

“You made a mistake,” he growled and grabbed your head, shoving it hard against the rocky ground. He took off leaving your head pounding and bleeding.

“Y/N,” you heard Robb’s worried voice come into the clearing. He jumped off his horse and ran towards you. “Y/N, can you hear me? What happened? Are you ok?”

“My head hurts, Robb,” you cried.

“Who did this to you?”

“A wildling came out of the forest and attacked me. I’m so tired, Robb. My head hurts,” your eyes felt heavy as he held you.

“I know this hurts but you have to stay awake,” he tried to support your head as much as he could and picked you up. He let your horse loose and slapped it’s backside, sending it back to Winterfell. He carefully sat you on his horse’s saddle and climbed up behind you, letting you slump against him for support. “Stay awake for me Y/N, ok? We’ll get you home soon.”


You woke up to the brown brick walls of the Maester’s room. “Y/N, you’re awake,” Robb eagerly jumped up to your bedside and the Maester followed suit.

“How do you feel,” the Maester asked.

“My head feels compressed. And my throat is dry.”

“That’ll be the poppy. I’ll get you some water, Lady Y/N.” Maester grabbed you a cup of water and helped you sit up to drink it. “I’ll leave you two to speak. Y/N, you need bed rest for the rest of the week until you’ve gotten back to normal.”

“Don’t worry, Maester,” Robb spoke and grabbed your hand. “She won’t lift a finger until she’s better.”