northern pacific coast

Red-breasted Shitsucker
These shit suckers can be found at low or middle elevations in the coniferous forests of the northern Pacific Coast. It’s piercing and scream-like “EEEAHH!!” call is enough to stop your heart if you’re not expecting it, but what will really get on your tits is the drumming… a slow, irregular knocking that’s indistinguishable from a rhythmically challenged kid banging on a tree with a stick.

Feeding: Most woodpeckers have the decency to drill dead trees, but this fucker drills holes all over live trees so it can suck the sap. It keeps coming back to feed and may even kill the tree over time – it’s like some kind of goddamned tree-vampire.


North Coast Limited in St. Paul in 1941 by seneferu


We recently traveled up Route 1 in Northern California to visit friends in Humboldt for Christmas. These shots document the journey in a rather elegant way as we dipped in and out of several coves and beautiful sunrise and sunsets along the coast.