northern michigan university


For her senior project at Northern Michigan University, Redditor liddlenomnom made this awesomely shiny life-size peacock using metal found objects. The Department of Exceptional Upcyling wishes they could display it in their office. 

The project took just over 120 hours of work and required about $50 in materials, including lots of spoons, 1300 ft of wire, one gravy boat, and a portable vegetable steamer. The completed piece weights 23 lbs, 9 of which make up that splendid tail, which is so heavy the bird had to be mounted on a pedestal to support its weight.

Click here for complete process photos and to learn more about how this magnificent metal bird was made.

[via Demilked]


NMU: The Movie

the college I graduated from just released a trailer like new promo and I have to say it’s not half bad