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Martín Ramírez. A Madonna Figure, Untitled (Three VW Vans), Untitled (Church with Arches and Tunnels), Untitled (Trains and Tunnels), Untitled (Horse and Rider), Untitled (Trains and Tunnels), Untitled (Horses and Riders), Untitled (Trains and Tunnels), Untitled (Man at Desk), Untitled (Woman and Church), Untitled (Horse and Rider with Large Bugle). 1948-1963.


The Three Caballeros

21 in x of animated feature film history
Release: Dec. 21st, 1944
Country: USA
Director: Norman Ferguson

The Three Caballeros is plotted as a series of self-contained segments, strung together by the device of Donald Duck opening birthday gifts from his Latin American friends. The film was produced as part of the studio’s good will message for South America. 

Donald is joined by old friend José Carioca, the cigar-smoking parrot from Saludos Amigos (1942) representing Brazil, and later makes a new friend in the persona of pistol-packing rooster Panchito Pistoles, representing Mexico.

The animated segments include: the story of Pablo, a chronically cold penguin who leaves Antarctica for warmer shores; a Uruguayan boy and his flying “burrito” (little donkey); a trip through Baía, Brazil; and the titular Three Caballeros song.

Several Latin American stars of the period appear, including singers Aurora Miranda (sister of Carmen Miranda) and Dora Luz, as well as singer and dancer Carmen Molina

Most critics were relatively perplexed by the ‘technological razzle-dazzle’ of the film, thinking that, ‘it displayed more flash than substance, more technique than artistry.’ Other reviewers were taken aback by the sexual dynamics of the film, particularly the idea of Donald Duck lusting towards flesh-and-blood women. As The New Yorker put it in a negative review of the film, such a concept ‘is one of those things that might disconcert less squeamish authorities than the Hays office.’

The music for the title song is the Mexican folk standard “Ay, Jalisco, No Te Rajes.” Panchito sings some of the original lyrics just before making his entrance and again at the end of the musical number.

Clarence Nash––the voice of Donald Duck––also lends his voice in the Spanish-dubbed version, giving Donald a charming American accent that complements José Carioca’s Brazilian and Panchito’s Northern Mexican ones.”

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The Black Hills, where Rushmore is located, was exempted by treaty from any white settlement. Gold was discovered, the agreement was broken and the Sioux put on reservations. I don’t blame them for not honoring American Presidents.

But there again, racists stereotype and lump everyone into a group. They’re so ignorant of geography and also history that these ignorant people don’t know the difference between a Mexican, Spaniard, Chilean, Peruvian, and Puerto Rican, they think they are all Mexicans. According to the faulty understanding, of these xenophobes, there are five races, African-American, Asian-American,  Mexicans,  Northern European and their favorite, Russian.


Cuarenta Casas is an archaeological in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. Construction of the site is attributed to the Mogollon culture.

Located in Vallecito in the municipality of Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Forty Houses is believed to be the southernmost site related to the period of Mogollon influence. The site consists of a series of cliff dwellings built in natural caves in the cliffs of Huapoca Canyon. The best known is the Cueva de las Ventanas(Cave of the Windows). Early Spanish explorers named the site Cuarenta Casas (forty houses) based on their speculation of the total number of structures. The area consists of five main cave communities: Cueva del Puente, Cueva de la Serpiente, Nido del Aguila and Cueva Grande.


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They correctly guessed the snake I’m getting Tuesday. WHICH IS…

A Pituophis deppei jani!

Commonly known as the Northern Mexican Pine Snake !! They’ve been a dreamie of mine for several years and I’m so excited about the female I’m getting :)

If those of you who guessed correctly could send me a pm to claim your pet portrait doodle that would be great <3

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Nickname: Jake

Zodiac: Aries

Hogwarts House: Pottermore says Gryffindor but I feel more like a Hufflepuff

Height: 5′11″ (used to be almost 6′1″, but gravity is a harsh mistress)

Sexual Orientation: mostly straight

Ethnicity: Frozen Burrito (Northern European/Mexican)

Fav Fruit: banana

Fav Season: Fall/Winter: basically November-January

Fav book series: does the Canterbury Tales count? if not, enh, gonna go with Mistborn trilogy

Fav fictional character: too many to choose from. could maybe pick favorite archetypes (good-hearted ruffian, sarcastic smart hero, loving parental figure, righteous warrior, rebellious firebrand)

Fav flower: starry night petunias

Fav scent: fresh coffee grounds

Fav color: cobalt blue or violet/purple

Fav animal: dogs and cats. fav wild animal is seals. fav wild megafauna is orcas. fav wild land megafauna is elephants. fav primate is gorillas. fav non-primate with hands is squirrels. or raccoons. i love animals. 

Fav band: And One

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: cofffffeeeeeeeeeeee

Average hours of sleep: 10 (sometimes consecutive!)

Number of blankets: 1. Thin in summer, thick in winter.

Dream trip: Win a million dollars, move to Toronto to be with Athena, visit my internet friends all over the world. 

Last thing I googled: roman shock troops

How many blogs I follow: 283

Number of followers: 1139

What I usually post about: tiny plastic soldiers, writing, sci-fi

Do I get asks regularly:

Ok so about more than a month ago I made the infamous ancestry test and sent my spit to their labs so I could clear out the mystery of how mixed I actually am, I just go the results and…

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I wish it were less of a pain to find out the natural ranges for various echeverias, because it seems most logical to concentrate on northern Mexican species, vs. stuff from like, Puebla, where the weather is very mild year-round. It’s funny because asclepiad collectors are fucking obsessive about locality, down to geographic coordinates in some cases, but the popularity of echeverias means 99% of the websites out there are like, “It’s from Mexico!” Gee, thanks, that narrows it down

Cochise Bio, Apache Chief

Cochise was born about 1805 in an area that is now the northern Mexican region of Sonora, New Mexico, and Arizona as a member of the Chokonen-Chiricahua Apache tribe.
Cochise grew to be about 5’10″ tall and weighed about 175 pounds. He was very strong and in his language his name was “Cheis” which meant “having the quality or strength of oak.”

Date: circa 550–800
Artist: Unknown
Dimensions: 20 7/8 x 35 5/8 x 2 ¼ in. (53.0 x 90.5 x 5.7 cm)
Medium: Limestone, incised.Culture: Mexican, Northern Yucatan, Mayan


Why does America have a grudge against the Alamo?

Now, I am currently in US History and and It just hit me, why the fuck does America have anything against the Alamo with Mexico? Just Say'in.

Believe it or not, There was a thing called the “Texas Revolution”. In this Revolution, many of the Northern Mexican Territory’s started getting tired of how they we’re running things and wanted more freedoms and personal rights. ( California, New Mexico, Texas )

A Man when to the Mexican Government asking for more rights and showed them a pedition (Don’t exactly remember the name) the government refused. And they sent him back, but they also ambushed him and took him prisoners.

The Texans (yes, not Americans, mother damn Texans) Got Angry, revolted, and in that time, The Untied State’s Didn’t Fucking Care. They we’re dealing with the Slavery Issue and the last thing some of the the state’s wanted was a useless war. THUS AMERICA WOULDN’T GIVE A SHIT BECAUSE IT WASN’T HIS WAR TO FIGHT.

The Alamo was A Texan Controlled Fort. It wasn’t American, and their was no one in their that considered them selfs American. They we’re mother fucking Texans, not America.

The Texan’s Eventually gained their Freedom with their leader Sam Houston, after taking Santa Anna and forcing him to give all the right’s of Texas to the Texans.

The Texan Revolution is about 8 - 10 years before the Mexican-American War. Texas was an independent country for about 8 years before the mother fucking president who started the war and tormented the Mexican’s into getting pissed off Let Texas into the American Union. 

I can talk about how exactly this caused the Mexican-American War Later. But for now, do you see my point?? America shouldn’t give a shit because those weren’t his citizen’s anymore and it wasn’t part of the Mexican-American War and his wasn’t his fight.