northern imagination


Iceland by the light of the full Moon. Just watch this one, this is great. I literally can’t find anything better to say, just watch it.

“Dean: Are you sure Y/n is going to like this?

Sam: Of course she will. Have you ever listened to a word she says?

Dean: Of course I do. Why would you ask me that?

Dean: Sometimes I do and at times I dont. I mean she can say so much

Sam: And your brain cant take any more information

Dean: Ye-bitch

Sam: Jerk

You: Dean this looks gorgeous

Dean: All for you. I thought we should get away from hunting and have some alone time

You: I love this and Im happy Sam suggested this

Dean: He did not tell me to do this. I planned it all out

You: Its ok, I know he said something about me loving winter and the northern lights. I love it because I get to spend this moment with you.

Dean: Ok, he did suggest the cabin but I planned out everything else

You: Im excited

Dean: Good because I want everything to be perfect. Especially being here with you.

You: Being with you is always perfect”

You close the gap between you and the rest of the night is spent star gazing out on the deck. While the both of you enjoy the northern lights, something Dean hasnt done in a while and he loves the moment. He loves being in the moment with you. You thanked Sam for slipping the idea to Dean and happy he pulled through. You always wanted to spend a weekend with Dean, just the two of you alone. You loved Sam but you needed the alone time with Dean. Sam couldnt be more understanding. He is just happy he could have some peace and quiet. He always wanted to catch up on read and thats what he is able to do now.


Archie Andrews Imagine:
Song:Northern Lights-Jaymes Young

-It kills her mother when she drinks too much, she can’t stay sober for a day-

The music boomed through the house, the smell of alcohol filled your nostrils and you made a promise to yourself that you weren’t going to drink this time, no matter how stressful things were.

“I really don’t know why we’re having a party Veronica, I have so many people to question"you chewed your pen lid as your eyes scanned the suspect list.

"You need a break y/n, it’s great that you and jughead are really invested in this, so are we but sometimes you just need to relax"Betty smiled as she grabbed the book out of your hands.

"Okay point taken, but why does it have to be at my house?"you asked.

"Your mom said it was okay"Jughead answered as he walked into the room.

"Oh well it’s great that you guys have actually spoken to her, I haven’t seen her since Monday, she’s been really busy at work"you said to your best friends as Archie walked into the room.

"Chill y/n, tonight’s going to be great"Archie leant on your fridge making it shake slightly.

"Nice of you to make it Archie, considering you’ve been M.I.A for the past two months?"you said bitterly.

"Archie hasn’t been MIA? I saw him yesterday we had a milkshake at the diner ?"Veronica spoke out, a confused look on her face. Betty smacked her arm quickly.

"Oh is that so?"you said angrily.

"Just have a drink y/n"Archie grabbed your arm gently.
You pushed him away.
"Thanks but no thanks, enjoy the party"you smiled as you left the room.

/2 hours later/
"I need a drink"you rolled your eyes as you watched Archie slip out through your back door. The party was still busy and more people turnt up every 5 minutes. You didn’t really care about the whole Archie Mystery(lie).You’d even forgotten about the whole Miss.Grundy situation(lie).

"No y/n, just have some juice or something it’s healthier"Jughead poured you a glass of orange juice.

"When have I ever cared about my health, but thanks juggy"you smiled as you took a sip of your drink.

"Y/n- Archie doesn’t mean to-

"Enough about Archie, please? I just don’t want to have to worry about what he’s getting up to"you pleaded.

"Hey it’s okay, I understand, how about a group picture?"Jughead offered.
You nodded happily, he grinned as he set off to find the others.

6minutes later you, Veronica, Betty and a very sweaty Jughead were stood around your kitchen once again.
The moon light shone in from your back door.

"Wait are we going to take the picture without Archie?"you finally asked.

"I guess so, I couldn’t find him"Betty frowned.

"You’re right y/n he’s been acting so weird lately, I think you were right about Grundy aswell, something’s just not adding up"Veronica agreed.

Jughead shuffled about nervously.
"Maybe we should just take the picture"He prompted.
Seconds later and the flash from the camera nearly blinded you.

You jumped about happily, ready to see your first group photo.
Betty snatched the picture from the camera.

She was smiling as she looked at the photo carefully, then suddenly a frown made its way onto her face.
Veronica’s matched hers.

"What’s wrong Betty?-
Veronica took the photo from Betty, she scanned the picture.

"Oh my"Veronica gasped.

"Guys seriously we don’t look that bad do we?"you asked confused as you took the photo from Veronica.

"No y/n!"Betty reached out to take it back but you were too quick.
Your eyes glanced over the photo, you all looked fine, you didn’t see a problem.

Then your eyes caught onto a certain red haired figure in the back of the picture. It looked like someone was in your garden.

You watched closer.
"Hey look guys, Archie is in the photo after all!"you smiled.

Your smile faltered when you realized that Archie wasn’t alone your heart sped up and everything made sense. All of your questions were answered.

"Archie and Miss.Grundy t-together?"you whispered as you dropped the photo onto the ground. The photo was great at first…Jughead was grinning, Veronica was being her sassy usual self, You and Betty were cuddling in the middle. It was ruined because Behind Archie and Miss.Grundy were kissing.

You felt the sick to your stomach, you found yourself sprinting out of your house, away from your party, away from Riverdale.

Northern Arrangement Pt. 5

Imagine being married to Roose Bolton and one day Ramsay Snow over steps his bounds and gets what he deserves.

Word Count: 2,276

Warning: uhhhhh I don’t know. Harrassment?

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Northern Downpour

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Words: 560

Warnings: none

Request: Requested by anonymous: a laf x reader fic based off the song northern downpour by panic! at the disco

A/N: I’ve never listened to this song so I don’t think I did very well but here? This is just what I thought of while reading these lyrics. It’s not completely accurate I’m sorry. (I also didn’t actually do all of the song I only did a few lines but I hope it’s ok)

If our life is but a dream

You walked through the busy streets of New York, rain dripping from your hood past your face. You moved past the people, making your way to Lafayette’s house.

Fantastic posing greed

You glanced at the billboard above you for a moment, before moving on down the street. The dark skies were covered with grey clouds that roared with thunder.

Then we should feed out jewelry to the sea

You ducked past a street vendor, who was adamant in selling you some necklace. You pushed past the people, everyone rushing to go somewhere.

For diamonds do appear to be just like broken glass to me

You clenched the small box in your pocketed hand, feeling it going slightly numb from the cold. You pressed on, knowing you had a lot more to go before you would reach Lafayette’s house. Of all the days for your car to break down.

You were thankful to finally reach his house, knocking loudly.

Hey moon, please don’t forget to fall down

You glanced behind you, seeing the moon high in the clear skies. How the weather could change so quickly was beyond you.

“Y/N, hey.” Your stare stayed on the sky for a moment, before turning to your lover.

Hey moon, don’t you go down

You looked into his eyes, forgetting about the ring you kept in a box in your pocket. You forgot everything when you saw him.

Before you knew it, you’d spent the night. You slipped off your jacket, the ring long forgotten. You drifted off in his arms, cuddled up by a warm fire.

Sugarcane in the easy mornin’

The smell of crepes woke you up, as you sat up from your spot on the couch. You peered into the kitchen, seeing Lafayette slaved over the oven, cooking.

Weather-vanes my one and lonely

The light from the window illuminated Lafayette’s energetic figure. He was excited, but nervous. You wondered why, until you saw a small box on the counter.

You remembered why you came here.

The ink is running toward the page.

You tried to read the small note next to the box, but it was too far away. You walked up behind Lafayette, bringing him into a hug.

“Morning.” He muttered, tired.

“Good morning.” You responded, resting your head on his shoulder.

“I found your box.” He commented, pointing at the box. You could make out the words now.

It’s chasin’ off the days

I was told to chase after my dreams, so I chased after you.

PS. Try to hide your rings better next time.

I do, Lafayette.

Look back at both feet.

You giggled, looking down at the ground for a moment. Your socks had rolled down to your ankles, bunched up.

Lafayette turned around, enveloping you in a hug.

You could stay in this moment forever.

Imagine Bden singing The Calendar onstage in LA. Imagine Ryan standing in the audience but too camouflaged for people to recognise him. Imagine him being at the front where the crowd can’t see him and he lets his guard down just as Brendon sings ‘but only for you.’ Imagine Brendon stopping short for a nano second onstage and Dallon/Kenny/Dan being like: ???. Imagine Bden looking right into Ryan’s eyes as he sings: ‘And I meant everything I said that night.’ Imagine him going into Nearly Witches even more mockingly because Ryan is there. Just when Ryan is about to walk away before people recognise him, Bden decides to change their setlist and goes into Northern Downpour. Imagine Ryan halting and turning around for split second but he knows he has to leave because people will recognise him.

Imagine clenching onto your bleeding heart.

Then, imagine Ryan not leaving and sneaking into Bden’s dressing room. Imagine Bden being really angry and telling him that he’s married and that he doesn’t care about him. Imagine Ryan being like: ‘Happy Myrtle Beach day - I just wanted to tell you in person this time’. Imagine Bden’s rage completely melting away because he remembers everything. Imagine him bringing Ryan into a tight embrace. Imagine them smelling each other and closing their eyes. Imagine them just staying still in that position for a few minutes. For a split second, it’s like how it used to be when they were happy together. Imagine them talking awkwardly for a few minutes before Ryan leaves. Imagine Bden crying over everything that he buried from the past. Imagine Sarah feeling the weird vibes from him when they meet after the show. Imagine Bden saying he’s just tired and thinking about all of it for the rest of the night.

Imagine Ryan going back and telling Dan everything whilst crying in his arms. Imagine Ryan being all like: 'Sometimes I just miss them so much; just miss him so much’. Imagine Dan holding him close.

Imagine them [Ryan and Bden] both yearning for each other but being too stubborn to admit it. Imagine them both feeling close to one another even though they’ve never been further apart.

Imagine me surgically removing your heart.

Imagine Bden talking to Spencer about it the next day. Imagine Spencer being all like: ‘You had to let him go. It was for the best.’ Imagine Bden being like: 'Sometimes I’m not sure it was, Spence. - I still… I still care about him, you know?’ Imagine Spencer sighing and deciding to speak to Jon because Bden is so upset. Imagine Jon being surrounded by kid’s toys when Spencer goes to his house. Imagine Spencer being really sassy about it before going really serious and explaining everything. Imagine Jon being really fair about the whole thing and agreeing that it was for the best. Imagine them both looking back and talking about how they thought it would never end; that they could be that happy forever. Imagine them forming a plan to get Bden and Ryan to at least stay in a room together. Imagine Linda being in on it and phoning up Sarah to tell her about it. Imagine them all forming this really elaborate plan to get them in the same place.

Imagine Sarah leading Bden into a restaurant and Jon saying he’d meet Ryan at the same one. Imagine them bumping into each other and being super awkward. Imagine Jon and Sarah telling them they have to talk with them both hissing at each other over it. Imagine Sarah telling Bden that he needs to stop being a toddler for once in his life and sort his shit out. Imagine Bden sulking and sitting down. Imagine them eating in silence for at least half an hour.

Imagine Bden takes issue with how Ryan eats and is like: 'Could you be anymore irritating?’ Ryan’s like: 'Could you be anymore childish?’ They can’t argue properly because they are in public. Eventually, the anger spills over into nostalgia. They start to point out things to each other from the past.

Imagine this leads to them being back on speaking terms.

Imagine them getting closer and closer inch by inch until Bden goes to Ryan’s house one night because he gets stuck with writing lyrics. Imagine them composing together after seven years. Imagine them both thinking: 'This is how it should be. Always.’ because it doesn’t feel like a day since they stopped writing together. Imagine them realising how much of each other they continued to carry in their hearts even though they were separated.

Imagine me ripping out your insides.

A Northern Arrangement Pt. 4...

Imagine your Mother finding out about your arrangement with Roose Bolton to protect your family.

((Slowly getting back into the swing of writing after my small stint of writer’s block that was making last weeks writing a pain. I hope you all like this))

((Word Count: 1, 683))

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Pt. 5

It had been four months the Freys had been stopped and the plot to kill Robb and your Mother was stopped. It had also been four months since you first had sex with Roose Bolton. The Iron Born had been driven from the North and Winterfell was being rebuilt; your wedding was only a few weeks away. It had been decided that Roose and you would be married in the godswood of Winterfell, Robb finding the dreary, gloomy godswood of the Dreadfort not nearly suitable enough for a Stark wedding.

Roose had yet to do anything about you calling him out to be your husband, and by each passing day you only found yourself more and more nervous. Not only did he act all proper and smile and greet you as any betrothed would do, but he didn’t order you to his tent or come to your own. It wouldn’t have been so worrisome for you if Roose had shown some type of annoyance with Smalljon Umber and the other young Lords when they flirted with you, but the Lord of the Dreadfort had even stopped doing that. You knew, without question, that his revenge for you singling him out was going to be worse than you could ever imagine.

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A Northern Arrangement

Imagine making a deal with Roose Bolton so he wont betray Robb and will actually warn Robb and everyone of the Frey’s impending betrayal.

(To the requester who wanted something of Roose Bolton and left the plot up to me. I am heavily considering making this a series!)

(Pt. 2 

Pt. 3 

Pt. 4 

Pt. 5

(Word Count: 2,028)

Thinking back now, maybe going the “scenic” route of the camp wasn’t that necessary. And then leaning against the flap of the tent to hear what was being said inside because your curiosity got the best of you, was most definitely not needed. And lastly, you really wished you were able to keep a better hold on your temper. It would have helped you in your current situation.

Hold on, let’s back up a little bit and tell the full story.

The War to win Independence for the North and the Riverlands was in full swing. Your twin brother, King Robb, had yet to lose a single battle that he commanded personally. You were supposed to be in Winterfell with your younger brother’s Brandon “Bran” and Rickon but after the Iron Borne invaded the North you chose to bring Bran, Rickon, two servants Osha and Hodor, and Maester Luwin south to Riverrun just before Winterfell was burnt to the ground. Well, almost burnt to the ground it was still destroyed and made nearly inhabitable. After arriving in Riverrun, you immediately picked up a sword and joined the fighting. Of course, your Mother and Brother tried to stop you but you shot them down quickly when you pointed out you were just as a good a fighter as Robb and that Robb’s own personal guard consisted of a noble woman not much older than you.

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