northern films


This Love on Ice wormhole keeps getting weirder. Like, the two titles are way too similar, and it was clearly filming recently. Very recently. But it takes at least a few months, if not years to get a film from pre-production to filming. And the Hallmark people are not dumb. They know how to harness a good drama tornado. Their copyright lawyers know what they’re getting into. 

So did they rush an old project into production to capitalize on the hype? Did someone pull an entire script and cast out of their bum? What the hell is going on, Hallmark people?

I think at the crux of the issue is the production company, Hideaway Pictures. They’re a fairly bland little gem, run by some guy whose main claim to fame is starring in movies in South Korea before moving home to bring glory to Northern Ontario through Hallmark films.

No, seriously. 

……I know who’s really to blame for this. Clearly there’s only one person with the capabilities and the incentive, ready to start drama just for the publicity, all for the sake of his great nation. 

Mystery solved.