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Fringe! Rainbow! Love!

Lightning in a Bottle, 2017


Personally, I don’t think they realize how good they have it. The only reason they want artificial lighting is because they know other people have it and that it’s convenient, but the side effect to all this constant artificial lighting and commercially engineered entertainment is destroying our bodies and our minds but no one is really concerned about that. Honestly, i’d rather live without the artificial lights, the computers, phones, and televisions, and go back to the way things used to be, were people actually came together to talk and entertain one another, because with all this advanced technology we’ve just become emotionally disconnected and socially challenged. Additionally, that has lead us to become too depended on machines to do all the work for us, and it’s taking away our ability to think and do for ourselves as well.

So much flow to this outfit. The kimono to, the sequin tassels, everything about it is so lovely. Also I need to start adding little braids in my hair!

Lightning in a Bottle, 2017

Pacifica protects and supports Mabel during her first period. She remembers when she’s ten years old and the bleeding/cramps first visit; she spent hours in her bedroom closet crying from pain and fear.

When she was found, the nanny sent her to her mother who harshly reprimanded her for ruining her clothes and dirtying the closet carpet.

Afterwards, she was sent to the maid to clean her up, who told her what she needed to do every time her period came to visit and when her belly started to ache really badly down below.

When she sees Mabel in pain and scared, Pacifica resolves to imitate her maid. She tells her that it’s going to be okay, and it’ll pass after a week or so. Wendy is on the ball and already has the pads ready when Pacifica returns, and Stan knows from experience and has several boxes of non-expired chocolate bars with a heating pad + midol.

Pacifica’s impressed.

She reassures Mabel, and is surprisingly gentle in her Pacifica Northwest way. It’s there because her body is changing, and yeah, it sucks for them. But she’ll have tons of chocolate and heating pads are actually really fun once you get used to them; plus, the medicine usually works 4 times out of 5.

Most importantly, she’s going to make sure Mabel isn’t alone like she was. She isn’t going to feel as if she’s to be blamed for it; she isn’t turning into a woman, as her mom glossed over. No crying in the closet in bloody overalls for Mabel Pines, Pacifica isn’t going to let it fly.


Dear people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

There are two things in this world I cannot live without.  Number 1 is my 1966 Gibson ES-330.  The other is Walkers Crisps. 

The photos above show a shop near my home that sells ONLY British food products and merchandise.  This is where I go to feed my Walkers addiction.

That is all.


Northern’s Natural Tone by Paul Malon
Via Flickr:

Sounding Rockets Probe Northern Lights

by Charles Swenson, The Conversation

The aurora borealis lights up the Arctic night skies. Also called the Northern Lights, the phenomenon is the result of beams of charged particles tracing along the Earth’s magnetic field and entering the atmosphere. When they collide with oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere, the gases glow green, red and blue depending on the beam energy.

While stunning for observers on the ground, aurora can cause problems for satellites as they orbit the Earth, along with all the technologies that rely on them. The aurora is accompanied by large electric currents that flow invisibly in the upper atmosphere, increasing the temperature around the aurora from about 260F (125C) to 980F (525C). This heating causes the thin upper atmosphere to expand, changing the slight drag on satellites and thereby shifting their orbital motion over time.

This satellite drag is the limiting factor on how far into the future one can predict a satellite’s position. Satellite operators are continually looking for better models of satellite drag so they could plan further into the future and preserve the precious fuel necessary to correct satellite orbits. The key to prediction is an understanding of the energy input during an aurora display.

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